Essay Example: Reflection and Opinions on World Affairs

Published: 2022-03-04
Essay Example: Reflection and Opinions on World Affairs
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Since post World War Two, the United States has consistently been the world superpower regarding economic and financial influence. Before this, United Kingdom was in the same position for decades. I believe that the US can learn from the events that led to the downfall of UK as world superpower if they intend to remain the world superpower. However, for the US, I believe the focus ought not to be on preventing their downfall. The attention should be on keeping up with the fast rate at which other countries on the different parts of the globe are growing, especially economically.

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Unlike Britain, the US has been consistent regarding its economic vibrancy. Zakaria in his article "The Future of American Power How America Can Survive the Rise of the Rest" says that the problem facing the US is not economic but political. I believe that this is not entirely true. In my opinion, the US needs to address both economic and political concerns. During the 20th century, the US was characterized by high economic potential and an ideal political setup extending its influence across the globe as the gold standard. In the 21st century, however, the US is losing this distinctive advantage over "the rest." Other countries notably Asian countries which present the stiffest competition to the US regarding economic capability are adopting good political practices. Most of these countries are already practicing free and fair elections and embracing the rule of law, something which they did not do in the past. The same countries have experienced dramatic economic growth and are competing on the same platform with the US. However, I believe that the US still has a robust economy and enjoys immense political influence across the globe.

There have been several changes since the founding of the Asian society. Although the majority of the countries in the continent are still developing, there are a few developed countries such as China and Japan. I believe the US needs to stop viewing these nations as competition and embrace the opportunities that come with their rising. Their rising does not necessarily mean the downfall of US as the superpower, but it means that the US needs to reset their standards. The US needs to stop clinging to the belief that they are the best regarding healthcare for instance, and start learning from other countries. In my opinion, it is not the downfall of the country's economy but the stagnant political and economic environment that should be of concern. The US is more concerned with national issues such as taxation whereas other countries are working hard to ensure that they become the investment and business hubs of choice. I think it is critical for the US should recognize that they are no longer the only "big" player in the field.

In the recent years, issues have come up about the way in which the US handles its immigrants. It is a serious concern especially in the case of refugees and asylum seekers as it determines how the rest of the world views the country. Despite the risks that come with accepting a high influx of refugees, I think the country needs to find a solution to the insecurity threat that comes with this and at the same time still upholds the dignity and rights of these people. One of the reasons why the US has remained a superpower for many years is the fact that at the core of its policies is the protection of human rights. It is, therefore, my opinion that is ensuring that the US remains a politically stable and refugee-friendly country is vital to staying where it is. The US has in the past intervened to end civil wars in countries such as Somalia and Syria. I think for other nations to continue viewing the US as the neutral mediator owing to its superpower status; there is a need for the US to maintain its standards for a high regard for human rights irrespective of the individual's condition.

I believe it is essential for the US to review its policies on immigration. Although I agree that illegal immigration poses a serious problem, I think the strategies should focus more on taking advantage of the situation for both social and economic benefits. There should be a focus on helping even the illegal immigrants to either settle in the US or their countries of origin. I think the problem of influx of high numbers of illegal immigrants should be addressed from the causes. The causes entail the conditions back at the home countries of these people that propel them towards emigrating. These include poverty and poor living conditions. The policies should take into consideration the fact that some immigrants are skilled professionals who could positively contribute to the country's workforce.

In conclusion, the US has remained the world superpower for many years due to its political and economic influence. The more serious concern for the US is keeping up with the growth of the rest of the world rather than preventing its downfall. There is a need for the US to review its immigration policies. The US should view the rise of Asian countries as an opportunity rather than competition.

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