Re-Election Prospects for Paul Ryan. Politics Essay Example.

Published: 2019-07-15
Re-Election Prospects for Paul Ryan. Politics Essay Example.
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In the coming elections of the United States, the contest is expected to be very high with candidates from both the Democrats and the Republic posing a great challenge to each other ranging from the presidential and congressional seat to the lower seats; the major of these electoral positions being the Congress member and presidential seat. The candidates aspiring to be members of Congress will be seeking either to be elected in their first term or to be re-elected while the presidential seat will be electing a new person since the current president will not be in the race. Paul Ryan who has been in politics since 1998, Paul Ryan intends to run for a re-election in the Congress seat as the representative of Wisconsin, although most of his supporters had thought that he would run for the presidency, he will forfeit his bid for presidency so that he can contest for the Congress. Ryan who has served in the United States as a representative of Wisconsins first Congressional district since 1999 and a chairman of the House of Budget since 2011 up to the year 2015 had in the previous elections won with 55% while his competitor Zerban of the Democrats who lost to him had 45%. Ryan according to his reporters is a performer and dedicated to his manifesto (, 2015).

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In his first term in office in 1999, his victory was as a result of him radiating himself as an outsider both in politics and in the government, his effort to speak to people in small gatherings and his ability to convince voters on his manifesto of change. Paul has over the periods of his representation executed most of his manifesto and drawn trust from his subjects. He has also increased the voters trust on his leadership through the many activities such as free education and health services to the citizens. In the year 2012, Ryan was nominated by the Republican Party to be a vice president of the United States of America. Although he did not win the elections for the post of Vice president, Paul has been too popular in his home state. Since October 2015, he has been serving as the house speaker where he was elected receiving support from more three-quarters of the Republic politicians and later elected on twenty-ninth of October 2015 as the fifty-fourth speaker with 54.3% of total votes. According to the American political history since 1869, Ryan was the youngest speaker to be elected at his age of 45 years.

Paul Ryans campaign gets its funding from varied sources ranging from political action committee to individual contributors. He has acquired great support from various business peoples, foundations and community players who believe that he will be capable of giving money for their projects in the future during his reign. The majority of his supporters bear his opinion on paid leaves for workers (Milligan, 2015). It is noted that most of the funds that were raised for his campaign most of them were raised by individuals with little amounts raised by PACs (Political Action Committees). In a bid that was conducted for his re-election in Wisconsin, the amount raised was $5 million through a fundraising organized by his committee. Of the total amount raised by the PACs in the fundraiser had its sources from business, labor and family single sourcing each contributing 92%, 3%, and 5% respectively. The individuals who included some groups such as Wells Fargo, Baker Billy, United health group, abbot laboratories and Northwestern Mutual (Akirav.o, 2013). Therefore, it means that the individuals from these contributors decided to give out individual contributions rather than contributing through the PACs.

According to information given and analyzed about his funding, by the Open website, Ryan has a total of 1,303 individual/ donor contributors who give amounts equal to $200 or more to fund his campaigns and the total contribution by them is currently $1,298,111. Further the amount of funds that had been raised by the PACs, by the month of November 2015, amounted to a total of $952 475 which is the contribution of a total of 207 members of the PAC and an amounting higher than $2,000,000 from the various industries with the leading giving more an approximation of ~$590,000 to the campaign. In general, the amount of coded contributions account for 88% while, the noncoded account for12% of the total contributions. (Open secrets Organization, 2015). The total amount that is available for his campaign current amounts to an approximate amount of ten million dollars.

In the primary election, Paul Ryan had a challenger in the Republican elections, whose name was Jeremy Ryan. The Republicans, however, were of the perspective that Ryan would win the elections due to the fact that he was going for a re-election, he was more popular among the members of their state and that he had massively gained a big number of It can be noted that Paul Ryan was the prospective winner because he was seeking for a re-election. With the many supporters and high level of trust among his followers, Paul won over him. The result of this was him being the speaker in 2015 and also working as a member of the Budget Advisory Committee. In his political history, Paul Ryan has always won with over fifty percent voter in all the elections that he has won since he began his political career back in 1998. His prospects of winning are high because the voters of Wisconsin give him an upper hand. The belief by the citizens in the Congress that he might again get into the budget advisory committee once again and be able to effect some changes in the congresss economic welfare make his prospects for winning high (Akirav.o, 2013). Pauls prospect of winning the forthcoming elections is basically based on his former performance in elections as a candidate and the achievements he has amassed so far during his reign. It is important to note that, Paul Ryan will be seeking for the ninth term in office serving the government of the United States of America.

There are many challenges that Paul Ryan will be facing in the coming elections, and these include his past competitors. In the year 2012 when he contested for the seat of vice president, he lost to Rob Zerban a Democrat candidate. Zerban is an influential man. He serves a member of the Board of Wisconsin Alliance and could, as a result, pose a challenge to his candidacy. His manifesto as a candidate is weighty and has all the priorities inclined to jobs and provision of living wages to families one of the ideologies that Paul Ryan has greatly contested openly in a number of times. With the challenge of wage inequality as an issue that affects many in many regions of the district, he is said to gain popularity in a fast manner. Additionally he also has the support of a big number of political leaders who could woo their supporters to vote him and his funding sources are extensive. Another competitor in the race is Kaleka whose main threat in the contest for the seat is Paul Ryan and would rather compete with Zebran. Although with a seemingly unclear threat to the elections, his presence in the contest calls for the sharing of the polls and this could lead to a loss in the side of Paul.

Other challenges that face this candidature for re-election are said to pick weight based on his performance in his previous tenures. He has been the representative for this district for a long time since the year 1998. It is obvious that not all voters have been satisfied with his reign especially with the various changes and development that he has brought in the district. Such voters might choose to vote for a new candidate in an attempt to bring change to their representation and varied of how things are done, therefore giving the chance to his opponent. Most of the activities that cause a great change to the overall economy of the United States at the national level might not actually do the same for the district; this could make his voters think that he is unworthy for a re-election to the Congress (Steinmetz-Jenkins, 2015).


Paul Ryan has been in the politics of the United States of America for a considerable period of time and considering his experience in leadership he comes to an understanding of the people of his District, and he can be able to manipulate politically ideologies. His experiences also and his overgrown popularity in the home state have built for him a strong ground for his politics. He also understands the economy of the state and that of the district equally having been in the committee for budgets he can thus tell from knowledge what he can do in his elected period when re-elected. His re-election based on the fact that he has over time built his relations with politicians like Mitt Romney, whom they once formed an alliance, Joe among others will help him to have a good network for his campaigns in the year 2016. Also, the existence of strong opposition on his candidature is a chance for him to overcome and move on to the heights of leadership. Another advantage for him is that he has enough sources of funding for his campaign and, as a result, he will not have a problem with financing, and he can then focus on the campaigns. Also, Paul is looking for a re-election to the Congress for the eighth time, and he is, therefore, likely to have enough strategies that would land him to winning. There are is a big number of people who are ready to campaign, compete and win against Paul Ryan and, as a result, it is advisable for him that he should up his campaigns so as to outdo these people.


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