Free Essay Example on Racist Police Officers

Published: 2022-10-10
Free Essay Example on Racist Police Officers
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International students suffer a lot of mistreats by the Corvallis police in Oregon. The police abuse the students, especially while driving on roads forcing them to give tickets for no any reason may be just because of the fancy cars they own. For international students leaving their home countries for a foreign one is not always easiest. Due to racial discrimination by the police, the international students who get into the Oregon State University have been arrested after being allegedly found with racist stickers in their driving cars outside Corvallis. Recently, the students have been complaining a lot on the problem of the international students' discrimination.

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The Oregon constitution banned slavery and racial discrimination, but the ban excluded the internationals from legal residence in the state. The police have therefore taken advantage of this to the international driving students. The students in the state feel alienated due to their nationality since once they are got in the same problem with the natives, the natives are spared by the police while the foreigners will be forced to be judged for having committed road crime. They even tend to exaggerate a small mistake. This not only affects the mentality of the students in the Oregon state university but also has an impact on the institution's reputation. More often than not .the police could be inclining the decisions to their country's law which was stated fully against the international students. The government's law mandated that all the foreigners especially the blacks trying to reside in Oregon would be publicly whipped several times.

The Corvallis police do force the international university students to have the driving tickets for no reason. This police use this chance to mistreat the students which is a way they bridge the peaceful coexistence among the students in Oregon state university. The ill-treatment from the road police can result in a lot of protest from the students in a bid to restore their freedom on roads. However, this couldn't be possible since the international students are few in the state and their complains are usually neglected by the institution's administration. The pulling over by the police as a result of racial bias is not an aberration in the state. Many have been the victims of this and not only the international students in the Oregon state university. It is sure that if there would have been a chance to aggregate all the road cases and look at them, it's true that there is a lot of racial bias in the traffic system. The fact that the Americans blacks always get pulled over by the police on roads especially in Corvallis more the whites have long been the norm in the American life for the internationals. The police rudeness even went overboard when a police officer in Corvallis shot and killed a black student who was driving on the road following a routine stop for a broken tail light. This happened just a day after another shooting by the police in Louisiana. Obama himself once asserted that the blacks in the country were disproportionately being pulled over.

The police racism has a lot of negative impacts to the Oregon State University not only on the students themselves but also impact on the university's reputation. The harassment by these police on the roads makes the life for an international student in the Oregon state university harder compared to the lives of the native student. This scares away the international students from applying to the institution hence reducing the market of the university. It is the Government's responsibility to come into play to alleviate the racial biases of the police on the Corvallis road to the international university students. Through the implementation of the policy, the students in the Oregon State University will be living in peace and harmony, and a peaceful environment for the international students will be effected enhancing their studies in the states. Failure to which it can lead to chaos and even protests from the university students as discrimination is treated as a serious problem to the international students.

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