Criticism Essay Example on Being a Working Mom

Published: 2018-02-10
Criticism Essay Example on Being a Working Mom
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Being a working mom

While being a working mom is something that I envy and would one day love doing, like any other activity done by people in the modern day, this has received its fair share of criticism. Ranging from positive to negative criticism, the whole idea of being a working mom merits great concerns both at a personal and at a societal level. Commonly, critics have it that being a working mom means compromising their role as a mother which involves actively taking care of their children and their families. Also, critics have gone to extreme levels of questioning the parenting skills of a mother who leaves their kids behind for work.

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It is no doubt that being a full time working mom is accompanied by feelings of guilt and stress which are culminated by stigmatization by fellow nonworking moms and the society as a whole. However, the truth is, these moms have to juggle between work, which many at times means financial provision for their families and taking care of their children. For this reason, this particular criticism helps me learn more about criticism based on the following reasons.

Firstly, centered on the accusation of bad parenting skills, I learn that this particular criticism is primarily an evaluative criticism. This is because this criticism points out both the good and the bad things done by moms and particularly, the expectations of working moms by the society. Thus, this gives me the understanding that whether what you do is right or wrong in your own understanding, people are bound to adopt a critical stance, based on their own selfish benefits rather than defending you and the morality of what you do.

Moreover, in this particular case, criticism is also elaborate when the non-working moms, who often infuriate and question the parenting skills of the working moms, become the subjects of the criticism. For instance, the working moms question the relevance of those mothers who claim to be full time, stay at home moms while their nannies do most of the house chores and taking care of their children. This happens while the self-proclaimed stay at home moms engage in other activities such as spending most of their time shopping, at the gym or other events at the cost of staying home with their children. For this reason, I learn that it is possible for criticism to imply blame. Critics articulate this by contending in a manner suggesting that those being criticized, in this case, both the stay at home moms and the working moms, are doing something wrong and which deserves “punishment.”

Working and being a mom

Clearly, the love for being a working mom is a choice that any mother can make and also ensure that she is successful in balancing both her work and her family life. Although difficult, and hence the criticism that comes with it, being a working mom does not necessarily imply that one is absconding their duties of a mother. When this is the case, some times being a working mom would mean being the sole financial provider for your family or being an equally positive contribution to the society as being the good caring mother you are at home. A good example of this would be doctors and nurses who are mothers. Thus, in a nutshell, the critics who infuriate working mothers and accuse them of bad parenting skills should put into consideration what the mother tries to accomplish by choosing to be a working mom, and with this considered, these sorts of negative criticisms will totally be uncalled for.

Basically, the role of being a mom is not easy. While at it, moms ensure that they perfect everything that they do for the well-being of their children and by so doing they prove themselves to be capable of the impossible. However, despite all the efforts that they exemplify, a stereotypic stigma surrounds working mothers since they are perceived as incompetent and ineffective in their motherhood practices. Additionally, while critics have in all aspects, tried to analyze and to paint a bad image of being a working mom, I believe that all this criticism is sometimes uncalled for. In my opinion what most people fail to understand is that there are times that mothers need to seek for employment and as a result become full-time working mothers since they are responsible for their families’ financial provisions.

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