Race in the 21st Century. Free Essay Example.

Published: 2019-05-24
Race in the 21st Century. Free Essay Example.
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The definitions of the term race have failed to identify and establish the position of race in the 21st century. Even the disciplines such as Biology and Anthropology disagree on whether race exists, or it is just a fallacy. The controversy on race in the 21st -century has gone beyond cultural and social boundaries, and it is now a matter of discussion in political and ethical arenas. The social and cultural perception and interpretation of race disagree with that of various disciplines interpretation. Scientific facts have proven that race does not exist in the 21st Century.

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The term race has been used in social and cultural context to divide humans based on skin color, language, and geographical location. The division of the human being based on these criteria is a delusion. With the fight against racism in various continents, it is anticipated that people will change their perception on this issue. The categorization of people based on social and cultural contexts can well be identified as an ethnicity that does not offer a detailed justification of the existence of race.

Biological evidence disapproves the existence of race in the 21st century. In the field of biology, the term race has been used to refer to a population of species that are genetically different from other population in the same species. To justify these claims, the biologists go further into studying complex internal genetic features of human beings. For instance, the types of antibodies and blood groups classify all people in the world into different distinct groups. Such biological concepts disapprove the claims of the existence of race in the 21st century. A person could be sharing the same blood group with another person somewhere else in the world where both people have differences in language, skin color and hair configuration. In the instance of an urgent need of blood transfusion, these two individuals can share blood and lives can be saved. People can originate from the same geographical location, have the same skin color, speak the same language and have similar hair configuration yet a life can be lost because they may not share blood during an emergency.

The technological breakthrough further disapproves the fallacy of race in the 21st century. The advancement in technology has enabled the study of the most complex internal features of human beings thus identifying people to primarily originating from a single prototypic species. It is the time that these technological facts released human being from the misconceptions of race that have buried them for quite a long time. The archeological evidence goes further into proving that people evolved once without a series of specifications and replacements. The study of internal features of humans has shown that the concept of human race is non-existence in the 21st century.

In the past centuries, humans have been divided into racial groups based on skin color, hair configuration, language and geographical locations. Biological evidence has shown that race does not exist by dividing all human being into specific different antibodies and blood groups. More so, technological evidence has further proved that all humans evolved once without a series of specifications and replacement. In the 21st century, the race is just a misconception that does not exist since there is no evidence that proves its existence.

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