Free Essay Sample - Forensic tower

Published: 2023-08-24
Free Essay Sample - Forensic tower
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Forensic tower. This is necessary to activate parallel forensic technology. This tower provides data duplication, parallel analysis, and emulation of the operating system and integrates forensic analysis software.

Forensic toolkit. It contains everything needed to perform a forensic acquisition. This may include power adapter, imaging hardware, and write blockers. The write blockers ensure there is no altering of the primary evidence.

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Hard disk duplicators. This copies the source hard disk, which has evidence into another disk. The speed in this process is needed, and it should range between 4 GB to 9 GB per minute. Others copy to even more than one hard disk at the same time.

Mobile devices and chargers. Cable and chargers are needed to charge mobile devices.

Password recovery tools. Professionals such as in forensic need special software for this function. They are many hardware devices from providers to recover passwords from encrypted files using dictionary methods.

Data recovery .a hardware is required for data recovery, which will fix bad sectors that are partially corrupted and cannot be displayed by standard software. This hardware reduces time wastage because it can bypass the operating system if it tries to prevent one from posting the corrupt data.

  • Wipers. These are needed in case one needs to use the same disk in another forensic evidence.
  • Spare parts. Spare is needed in a lab such as RAM, network cards, Removable memory, and hard disks.
  • Forensic software. Forensic toolkit or encase forensic is the software need to in the computer forensic world.

The accreditation refers to the external oversight of the forensic laboratory operations such as; adequate facilities, appropriate professionals, and opportunities to continue education in performing the assigned tasks. It also involves examining whether the lab has a quality control program and one which is both efficient and effective. Additionally, it investigates if the laboratory can perform a proficient test, how it has complied with the relevant standards, any other factors that are considered to affect the accuracy, reliability of the testing, and reporting conducted by the forensic laboratory. For this particular forensic lab we will require to observe the following;

Adequate laboratory facilities. The equipment and laboratory need to be safe, secure, and uncontaminated. If the laboratory is not safe, then the evidence is compromised and also risks the life of these that are working in the forensic laboratory. For example, the visitors must be documents and even escorted to ensure the integrality is observed. The lab should be able to detect any authorized entry, and this is possible by the use of key cards that should be connected to the control room. Contaminations should be minimized to be able to detect potential effects on the result.

Laboratory personnel. Right personnel reflect good quality of work. There is a need to continue educating new staff to enhance the experience and therefore ensuring the performance remains constant al through. Requirements for persons such as a doctorate, master, and any level of education will be needed. There are guidelines for educational attainment in such positions.

Quality control program. This measure of excellence in the lab. There should be a sound maintained system of the records.

Proficiency test performance. This requires submitting specimens containing materials known only to submitting agencies.

Laboratory inspections. This should be carried out annually by a panel of experts. It should include checking the recent analysis and investigating compliance with the standards.

The maintenance of the laboratory standard is upon the basis of quality control and assurance. These elements ensure that the quality of work is to the expected outcome. Quality control means the measure will be taken to ensure the product of work meets the standard of quality work. On the other hand, quality assurance is the measures to be considered when monitoring, verifying and documenting. To maintain quality control and assurance e will ensure;

the analysts have education and training required, they know the principles to be followed in the procedures they use, and they complete the periodic proficiency test. Additionally, there should be proper maintenance and monitoring of equipment.

  • The job descriptions of lab managers and technicians.
  • The responsibilities of the lab manager will be;
  • Responding to the scene of investigations to carry out technical research such as collecting and storing of the evidence.
  • Supervise the laboratory examinations of evidence and maintaining the activities of the lab.
  • Supervising the technicians and the crime response team. This will include monitoring and training.
  • Coordinate programs to respond to the policies and work toward meeting the expectation of the police department.
  • Provide estimation of the lab budget.
  • Maintain the accountability of the activities within the lab and identify the development needs of the staff.
  • Remaining current on the scientific advancements in the forensic fields through presentation and training.
  • The minimum qualifications will be a bachelor's degree in forensic science and a minimum experience of 6 years in a crime laboratory.
  • Technicians.
  • The technicians are responsible for taking photographs of evidence in the crime scene.
  • Reconstructing crime scene
  • Preserve the evidence and transfer it to the lab.
  • Collecting evidence
  • Making observations and findings such as the locations


Garfinkel, S. L. (2010). Digital forensics research: The next ten years. Digital investigation, 7, S64-S73.

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