Leadership Experience

Published: 2017-12-15
Leadership Experience
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Diabetes is one the chronic metabolism disorder in a person’s body and has the inability to utilize glucose for energy because of insufficient imbalance between insulin demand and insulin supply. It occurs as a result of either genetic or environmental factors. The study specifically deals with children affected with diabetes and provide solutions for the medication. Blood glucose tests will be carried out to determine the three components of diabetes and adjust to them to maintain a balanced blood sugar level.

Research has shown that about 5-10% of children have Type 1 diabetes and 90-95% have Type II diabetes. Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) is the most common in children and is a situation where the body pancreas generates an insufficient amount of insulin that cannot be used to regulate the body metabolism (Gouwns &S.A, 2016). As a result, it can lead to a long-term hyperglycemia a condition considered to have abnormalities in metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats which can cause cardiovascular diseases and complication such as the kidney.

A1: Problem or Issue

In the current economy, most children especially teenagers of age between 2 and 15 are the most affected. As a nursing student, we are aiming at implementing a new approach to meet the needs of teens with diabetes in a safe environment. The issue of this proposal is conducting research on children with diabetes (Ewald & Philip, 2015). To have the research done, one has to be a pure counselor with understanding and patient enough to handle kids of all kinds. They should be able to make a decision based on training on children with diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is the most common kind of diabetes that affects the majority of adolescence children. Some common symptoms are weight loss, tiredness, thirst and frequent passage of urine. Despite the physical activities carried out, research has shown that medical health, social, emotional and psychological factors need to be considered to offer adequate treatment for children with diabetes.

A1a: Explanation of the Problem

Diabetes mellitus (Type 1), is a chronic metabolism disease that is characterized by few insulin deficiencies when it is inadequate in the body. People in the health sector especially nurses have a greater role in delivering services to patients. They have an important part to play in children with type1 diabetes. This research aims at improving patient education and empowering them to manage their health. Because diabetes is a disease that touches everyone in the society, each should find it a personal responsibility in seeking medication as soon as possible.

The target of the treatment is to bring back to normal glucose levels and parents of the affected children having regular tests done and monitoring of the urine produced by the child while at home. It will help them to check the glucose level at a certain point and make decisions for medication to prevent future diabetes complications (Choon, et al., 2016). Every person in the society is required to play a role in the strengthening and finding of solutions to prevent diabetes by donating medicine and new machines for medication to these patients.

A2: Investigation

The research was done by using a descriptive and quantitative survey analysis approach to gathering data from the patients and family members with diabetes mellitus. The role of a descriptive study was to obtain real observations and describe the current aspect as encountered to get accurate responses of a particular group of individuals or groups. Focus was placed on how diabetic clients catered for their needs and how they complied with medications they are given.

Furthermore, the investigation is to determine some common symptoms of diabetes in children such as blurring of vision, weight loss among others and future solutions to solve the disease. It is based on developing a friendly society for children with diabetes1 and provides solutions for the treatment. Pediatricians are authorized to work in close relation with parents of affected children for them to administer full diagnosis to the young patients. All nurses have to participate in all the relevant program and workshops aimed at providing education for diabetes medication.

A2a: Evidence of the problem

In reality, the majority of the children get affected with diabetes and their parents strive to ensure that they get a strong medication. It is due to high influx of this disease in kids that the American Diabetes Association (ADA) developed a camp for the affected children to have a real time and interact with one another. Conversely, the organization voluntarily offer financial support to registered families with kids diagnosed with diabetes (ADA, 2013).

The assistance is provided so that every child gets the opportunity to attend Diabetes Camp, have fun and learn regardless of their family status. In as much as most clients develop various long-term and short-term complications, some may include hypoglycemia, ketoacidosis, and neuropathy and adherence to correct treatment program can help control the disease.

Healthcare professionals, on the other hand, use the opportunity while camping with these children to oversee their issue and educate them how to practice living a healthy life (Edge, 2015). Through the skills they learn, these kids improve daily by lowering their stress related to diabetes and make them feel healthy making them have a prolonged life continually.

Another evidence was that some of the diabetic clients failed to take medication due to the adverse side effects of an anti-diabetic drug. For example, diarrhea, vomiting and allergic reactions such as skin acne making the child’s parents or medical health professional to design an alternative method for treatment like dosage reduction of the drug.

A3: Analysis of the problem

The analysis shows that by interacting with other siblings whom their parents have managed to handle diabetes, young people will get informed on solutions related to controlling their metabolic levels and self-care hygiene (Jackson, et al., 2015). Pediatricians certified diabetes nurses always struggle to show children living with diabetes in ensuring that they lead a normal healthy life by teaching them proper habits for managing diabetes.

More health professionals should be encouraged to do diabetes research and find other solutions for treating the disease using other prevention models. It is an accepted code of conduct that diabetic people acquire relevant skills and knowledge with a positive attitude of family support to have a successful diabetes treatment by their doctors.

A3a: Areas contributing to the problem

As a health practitioner, the sectors that contributed to the problem were determining nutrition staffs to guide the kids on their eating habits and counseling from the workers employed. The signs and symptoms associated with diabetes in children include diagnosis, treatment and define mechanisms that will enhance complications in future for the child.

A4: Proposed solution of innovation

Change solutions are aimed at enabling teenagers living with diabetes interact with healthcare professionals in a non-clinical environment and learn good management skills to have a healthy living. It will also ease their parent's worries in associating with their kids affected with diabetes. Nutrition staffs comprising of registered dietitians are required to assist in the coordination of different diet to all the children and officers.

Counseling workers say who have experience in dealing with the kids and have the passion for serving the kids with diabetes should also develop mentorship and relationships with the children and their families to reduce the pressure they have in curbing with medication. The Diabetes Inpatient Audit team further argue that young patients with diabetes need to be given a timely input from a specialist diabetic pediatrician such as the National Health Service (NHS) experts trained to accurately handle children with such chronic diseases (Ali, et al., 2013).

A4a: Justification of proposed solution/innovation

The proposed solution is to get the preventive measures and diagnosis safest to the child and start it immediately. The care includes one, giving insulin injections two to three times each day or suing an insulin pump, secondly is frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels by the health professional to ensure it is at its normal rate. Thirdly, is giving the child a healthy amount of different exercises each day to keep the body fit and a healthy food plan that entails regular intake of food with high content of carbohydrates (Zoungas, 2014).

Parents with children in schools need get an assurance that the school management will be able to manage their children related problems to diabetes and solved. Training staff in conjunction with health practitioners dealing with the kids that have diabetes make the child’s developmental level monitored at that time of first diagnosis and current diagnosis to determine if adjustments need to be made regarding treatment (Deppermann &Egbert, 2012).

A5: Implementation Resources

Application resources created aimed at improving the living lifestyle of the kids with diabetes through a preventive protocol that should be stress-free, reliable and can be administered orally such as dental management. Every child with diabetes need to have access to all ranges of diabetes therapies and services and not denied any adequate medical care (Todd, 2015). The implementation of resources in the healthcare can be limited due to the insufficient specimen at the hospital. It has to be cost-effective and readily available for patients. Right implementing policies create consistent services and self-management decisions that are used in improving diabetes health outcomes.

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