Paper Example. Purpose of the Senate

Published: 2023-04-02
Paper Example. Purpose of the Senate
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The founding fathers predetermined the role of the Senate as a check for the house of representatives. Regardless of state population or size, each senate member equally represents their respective locale. Additional information concerning the Senate is that before the seventeenth amendment, the constitution allowed the senate election to be indirectly influenced by the state legislature. However, today the registered voters of the state elect them.

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The Senate shares the responsibility of the House of Representatives when making laws. In the U.S. for an act or bill to be approved, both houses must approve identical documents. Under the "advice and consent" stipulations of the constitution, the Senate ratifies treaties (Benzine, 2015). Additionally, for public appointments to be approved, more than two thirds of all senators must be present. Such positions include supreme court judges, cabinet members and ambassadors (Benzine, 2015). With the duties of the Senate identified in the bicameral Congress, the Senate was mandated to ensure the House of Congress had the best interest of the people in mind: this was attained by reviewing the laws that were made. Additionally, the system was duplicated with minor modifications from that of Britain. In the British system, Congress consists of the House of Commons, which are equivalent to the house of Congress and the house of Lord comparable to the Senate (Benzine, 2015).

Overall, the Senate must monitor and control the House of Representatives while managing critical positions within the government, such as the cabinet secretaries (Benzine, 2015). The Senate's activities are comparable to that of a coordinator; they are accountable for the individuals who run the country's economic sectors as well as ensure the president is in control.


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