Free Essay Describing the Care Plan for the Schizophrenia Case

Published: 2019-09-03
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How was the care plan formulated?

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In this case, a care plan was formulated taking into consideration the fact that it is something that portrays in a simple open way the administrations and backing being given, and ought to be assembled and concurred with the individual through the procedure of consideration arranging and audit (Puchalski and Ferrell, 2010). In this particular case, the plan was designed with a lot of factors being considered such as the fact that John was suffering from a stigmatizing disease which is schizophrenia. The plan also takes into consideration that John has poor insight into his medication (Krumholz, 2001)

Most importantly, the formulation of the plan was done while have in mind that John feel he has been abandoned by his family hence loneliness has been a great factor as his mental state is widely monitored. The plan was formulated with the following concepts include;

Assembling or gathering facts and sharing stories: This was essential as included the perspectives of all concerned, including the Johns family, colleagues, and experts sees how various steps can be taken to improve the health of the patient.

An orderly audit of the ranges of need. This will ensure that the patient is given the best care needed so that he can have a positive change in the condition of health.

Investigating and talking about data: to work out what's generally imperative in the health of John was a great move that was taken by the person who formulated the care plan

Objective setting: The plan clear was formulated with the knowledge on what is targeted to be accomplished. For example, John had experienced some instability in his mental state hence the plan was objective in reducing any distress or anxiety that John may have experienced as a result of the voice. It further targets to help make John to learn how to effectively utilize distraction techniques .

Activity arranging in that the care plan is formulated in a way that it states clearly the steps to that will be taken to help the patient. It also states the period that the plan will operate as a guideline to care for John which is 72 hours (Levi, 2006)

Hazard Administration: The plan also works in ensuring that Johns health is taken out of danger by making him aware of the government policies on smoke free places within the public domain.

What are the interventions included/and excluded?

A lot of efforts were conducted to ensure that there was a proper intervention done in the case of John (Balkin, 2003)

The hospital ensured that the care plan established a healthy nurse/patient therapeutic relationship with John who would assist him in recovering and based on empathy, trust and understanding. There was also need for the staff to offer him 1:1 on general premise for him to ventilate his emotions. This was since the staff had noted that John wasnt happy with his family and relatives reactions. The fact that the hospital to keen interest in exploring or investigating the precipitating component led to the prompt need for him to be admitted. There was need to urge John to take endorsed pharmaceutical and watch for any therepeutic influence or symptoms. The staff was forced to compose a 72hrs/CPA meeting for him and welcome all important to his consideration. To diminish any uneasiness/trouble he may have created by the voices, the staff had to put necessary measures as advised by professional health personnel. For John to learn and use compelling diversion strategies, there was need for provisions in the work plan that would help John in remaining focused in reclaiming his good health back. It was the responsibility of the nursing staff to screen mental state and record (Tylee et al., 2007)

Also, the staff working around John as nurses, were force to give John data about creating adapting strategies and diversion procedures. For instance; taking part in ward based exercises and in addition those with the OT, for example, - listening to music, playing cards, jigsaw and so on. John will pick up understanding into his mental state and consent to recommended meds. John will take an interest in different exercises. The care plan also had provisions for health practices such as energize support in exercises on and outside the ward. Another important intervention was the fact that John had to settle on decision of dietary/liquid admission gainful to his wellbeing. Staff to urge John to participate in ward based exercises and OT sessions. The staff was tasked with the responsibility to clarify the significance of physical activity on his wellbeing to him. Nursing staff ought to urge John consistently to take care of his own cleanliness. Staff ought to urge Jonathan to have a shower/shower at lease practically consistently. Staff ought to urge Jonathan to put on something else day by day or when strong. Staff ought to urge John to do his messy clothing so as to maintain his cleanliness, a key factor his possible and quick recovery. The plan also allocated time for the staff to screen Jonathan's general physical wellbeing whist on ward. Ward specialist to do physical wellbeing examination when conceivable. Staff ought to guarantee John have standard routine blood test and ECG. Staff ought to check John's basic signs on everyday schedule (Patlak, Balogh and Nass, 2011)

Staff ought to measure John consistently and record results on his weight diagram and reports additionally in RIO. Staff ought to screen John's eating regimen and liquids and record it. There were several intervention involved in the recovery of John (Tmtii, 1998)

The care plan was carefully prepared taking into consideration the fact that staff to advice John on the accessible items on the ward for backing, if he chooses to quit smoking. It was also important for John to have NRT items accessible on the ward as PRN in his solution graph. Named medical caretaker to have 1:1 session with him to examine, screen advancement and any other issue connected with stopping. The staff should emphatically fortify any exertion made by John to decrease or quit smoking (Sare and Ogilvie, 2010)

Organization and administration of routine endorsed pharmaceutical including PRN. The staff was to instruct John about the impact and symptom of medicine. To give John data about every one of his prescriptions both in composed and verbal means (Public Disclosure of Health Plan Quality of Care, 2003).

Named attendant or partner medical caretaker to have consistent 1:1 session with Jonathan on general premise to examine his prescription and look for his perspective about his meds. As stipulated in the plan, Staff to screen the adequacy and the undesirable impacts of his solution and report in like manner to the restorative group and record in RIO, likewise to talk about it in WHITEBOARD gatherings. Specialists are also incorporated in Johns recovery to educate John about any adjustments in his drug (Ard, 2015).

Other tasks that is relevant to help John recover included staff to utilize the gases assessing device to screen remedial impact and symptom of John's solution. Finally, named medical caretaker or staff ought to talk about the wellbeing and recuperation pack with John. Medical caretaker to bolster John to utilize the pack and clarify the advantages it could convey to him.

What is the evidence to support this?

A lot of factors can act as evidence in explaining the issues that the intervention made addressed in the patients condition. John is indifferent as compared to the way he was first admitted. There was an attempt to discuss and help him comprehend his care plan. Also, the staff ensured that John was served with a hard copy containing the full details of his care plan. For the first time, John gave in and said that he agree with people who insisted that he needed to take a shower (Brown, 2012)

Furthermore, John agreed that he will always attend to his personal hygiene and give it top priority whenever possible. Considering the fact that he was on NHS, John agreed that he was feeling much stronger and better too. However, he said that he didnt want any more medication.

Did the care plan meet expected standards or not?

It is the obligation of the care plan made by the hospital to guarantee that the administration given by the hospital to their patient John amplifies the administration clients potential, this is a standard that is met by the care plan prepared in this case. The hospital under the care plan gave John a compelling and nonstop care arranging framework including an appraisal, planning, execution and survey procedure to decide the most ideal method for meeting the administration client's passionate, social, scholarly and particular consideration needs and accomplish the results required as distinguished in the individual administration assention. The Consideration Arrangement must mirror the individual's needs, inclinations and prerequisites in connection to the implement at particle of the Administration as characterized in the administration particular and the individual administration assention. The care plan likewise recognized and got ready for the upkeep and improvement of a John's qualities and freedom. It is prescribed that the care plan also had a provision where it set up a Key Laborer/Named Medical attendant framework with the Key Laborer/Named Attendant playing a dynamic part in planning also, actualizing Care Arranges with the inhabitant's inclusion. Care plans in this case were explored on a general premise as fitting to the singular administration client and also implementing the audit process required of Standard 7 of the National Least Care Gauges. Carers, promoters and relatives of the patient John were included in the consideration arranging process with the express authorization of the administration client (Peate, 2012). The care plan was open and hence the administration of the hospital could have full access to John records as they wish, so as to help them make any critical decision in case need arises.

How it could be improved.

Some of the actors that must be put into account in order to improve the care plan include the following; building up an all encompassing way to deal with consideration, clarifying about the procedure of Consideration Arranging, requesting the inhabitants sees on how they see their necessities, concurring objectives for consideration, examining routes in which objectives can be met, choosing together how well objectives have been accomplished, choosing mutually what ought to happen next among other factors (Care Plan, 1995)

What have you learned to improve in your future practice?

I have learnt that there are four stages of care planning and they paly and important role in developing and inclusive and much better care plan.

The first stage of this process is called the assessment stage (Roit, 2002). This involves within the context of the single assessment process: gathering information about the patient and assessing the strengths, preferences, needs and any problems of the Patient. Also checking is important which involves:

Adequate information on assessment has been collected.

All the relevant parties were consulted during the assessment.

All the assessed needs of the Patient can be met before admission is agreed.

Explanation has been given to the Service User about the process of Care Planning in a Care Home environment.

The Patient has been asked for their views on how they see their needs and preferences, and these are recorded on the assessment sheet.

The second stage is usually the Planning stage which involves;

Deciding on appropriate targets for care Check

Ways in which the goals can be met have been discussed with the patient

Strengths as well as weaknesses, preferences as well as problems and independence as well as dependency are included.

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