Free Litterary Essay: Characterization in Drama

Published: 2022-04-25
Free Litterary Essay: Characterization in Drama
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Drama is one of the genres in the literature that is characterized by prose writing whose purpose is to portray the characters in a play. In most cases, drama can be integrated into education, Drama in Education; it can also be used in teaching various topics that are considered taboo in the societies. Characterization is one of the essential literary devices used in the field of literature particularly modern fiction, to expound more on a certain character in a play. The writer introduces the character whose behaviors and characterizations are developed by other characters, from his actions and opinions from other characters. We have round and flat characters in a play or novel depending on which roles do they play in a story. There is the direct characterization where a character is being built by using another character or the protagonist in the story to enumerate about the subject in question, consequently there is the indirect characterization where the audience concludes on the characteristics of a character in a play by observing their behaviors, actions as well as response from other characters. Characterization plays a very vital role in helping the audience relate well to the story and its sequence of events.

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The book "Arguing about literature" has depicted various characters with different characteristics and behaviors. Mrs. Hale, for instance, is portrayed as being bold and confident, she answers back the County Attorney, "...she was standing at the center" answers Attorney back with "We call it-knot it. Mr. Henderson" She even calls the County Attorney by his name this shows lack of respect in her tone. She is also a feminist and considerate, she defends the women dignity, this is evident in the following statement " ...I would hate to have men coming into my kitchen snooping around and criticizing..(.Glaspel Trifles,p.744)"

She is also aggressive and intelligent. Mrs. Hales is the one that advices Mrs. Peter. she says "...better loosen your things Mrs. Peters you will never feel hem when you go out...p.746" this statement also depicts Mrs. Hales as being brave, this statement is also symbolic in one way or another. She signifies that, as you are still alive make yourself comfortable for when you are dead you will not feel anything surrounding you. Mrs. Peters also through her professional she is depicted as intelligent. From Mrs. Hale's description, she is portrayed as sweet and pretty but also timid and fluttery. Through flashback, when Mrs. Peter's recalls how her kitten was killed by a boy In front of her and could not do anything, this made her remember the sad moments, she loved her kitten when she was a baby, and therefore she is depicted as loving and caring.

In addition, Mrs. Hales is depicted as a hardworking as well as a clean woman; "...she arranges the pans under the sinks which the lawyer had shoved them out... (Glaspel Trifles, p.744)." However, from the description made by Mrs. Peters, Mr. Henderson who happens to be the County Attorney is depicted as an awful man and sarcastic in speech, Mrs. Peters says that he'll make fun of Mrs. Wright for not waking up when her husband was being strangled. From his statement to Mrs. Peters, it can also be deduced that he is sarcastic in tone "...No, peters, it's all perfectly clear except a reason for doing it. But you know juries when it comes to women..." he also tells Mrs. Hales in a sarcastic tone that" and Mrs. Wright were neighbors I think you must be friends too." His tone was sarcastic. Consequently, both Mrs. Peters and Mrs. hales are ambitious, they are after a mission in investigating, who actually is the murder is it Mrs. Wright or not? They are in dilemma and have no clue on who did it.

Furthermore, Mrs. Hales is portrayed as being observable, she notices that Mrs. Peters was nervous and immediately inquires with Mrs. Peters what might have triggered Mrs. Wright to be nervous as she was sewing (Glaspel Trifles. p.746). Mrs. Hales is also depicted as being resentful in her tone this is evident in the following ".. I don't know as there's anything strange our takin up our time with little things while we are waiting for them to get the evidence (Glaspel Trifles, 746)." Mrs. Peters, on the other hand, is polite which can be seen from her apologetic tone " ...of course they have got awful important things on their minds...p.746" Sheriff, on the other hand, is depicted as being inquisitive, he really wants to know what happened to Mr. Wright, and what was Mrs. Wright doing when the incident happened?

The County Attorney, who is also known as George Henderson is seen as being inquisitive and more keen on observing, he observes that no one entered the room, he doesn't believe in superstition or ghosts when Mrs. Peter talks of the ghost cat (Glaspel Trifles, p.744). despite being sarcastic, Mr. Henderson is also hardworking and requests the sheriff to send Frank to the field in order to replace him, he wants to stay behind to still go through some issues, he doesn't believe that they cannot do better than what they have already done, their objective was to determine who killed Mr. Wright so that the wife could be free from jail. This shows that he is a hardworking man.

Mr. Hales is depicted as being obedient he went outside and waited for sheriff and Mr. Henderson to finish their conversation. Sheriff calls Mr. Henderson to the other room to discuss issues that were private with an excuse for going to see the windows. Therefore sheriff is portrayed as being secretive.

Moreover, it's ironical for Mrs. Wright to deny having seen anyone tie a rope on Mr. John Wright's neck and strangle him to death yet they sleep together in the same bed. She also denies having done the act of strangling killing him (Freedom & confinement, p.744)

Symbolism has also been portrayed by the dead bird, which was also strung on the neck, the same way Mr. John Wright was strangled to death on the neck. Therefore whoever killed the bird is also involved in the death of Mr. John Wright (Glaspel Trifles, p.747)


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