Free Essay on How It Is Possible to Change the World of Communication

Published: 2022-03-09
Free Essay on How It Is Possible to Change the World of Communication
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Indeed, no organization is able to operate in a completely formal structured way of the environment. Taking this notion into account, Rai and Rai averred that the communication that takes place in an organization's chart may not function in a smooth manner as it may be expected of it altogether (p.87). For example, as much as some organizations may experience smooth operations with respect to their chain of communication, indeed the development of these channels of communication do take place outside the hierarchical structure of the organization. Hence, this paper evaluates the possibility of changing the world of communication into a more positive and conducive one.

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Dagron and Thomas reiterated that it is the informal communication process that offers the supplementary to the formal process of communication through filling the gaps and also taking care of the omissions (p37). In this regard, the successful managers are always at the forefront of providing encouragement to the informal cases of the organizational linkages and the recognition to the cases of the circumvention that revolve on the already set up chains of authority as well as communication that to some extent may not be that be frequently in practice. In such circumstances that entail the bypassing of the lines of the authority, the managers may on their part give the assumption of the responsibilities that concern with the information about the normality in the chain of command or the action taken altogether. Meanwhile, there is also a line that exists in using the instance of the informal communication with the objective of speeding the work of the organization as well as the needless with regards to the instance of bypassing the chain of command. The process of the expedition, in this case, gets done through bypassing the chain of command as much as it results into the irritation as well as being also the cause of the cases of hard feelings among the concerned parties. For this reason, to enhance effectiveness, it will be for the managers to come up with the best way that leads the balancing of the formal and informal cases of the communication process in the organization.

According to Nelson and Judy (p.56), the grapevine is an unofficial communication process taking place in any organization. The reason is that grapevine normally occurs due to the unavailability of the information that the employees see of great value. Examples of grapevines are those concerned with the changes in the organization, jobs or other related cases to the same. In many occasions, employees are involved in the grapevines through the formation of groups. Following this instance, any employee who fails to be part of the group will not be legible to access the unofficial form of communication. On the other hand, it does not necessarily mean that grapevine is good or bad. The reason is that it finds its role in such circumstances where it functions as the parameter of determining the feelings or the attitudes of the employees. In spite of this, the information that passes through the grapevine sometimes may, on the other hand, be magnified or exaggerated. In such circumstances, there is a tendency where the employees tend to get alarmed due to the information they hear. In consequence, it remains imperative that a manager at one occasion may ever be alert with regards to the flow of the information in the organization altogether. Upon discovering the content of the information, it is again the responsibility of the manager to be positive with regards to those particular steps that he or she takes in a bid-offer correction to the information with immediate effect.

Communication in an organization according to Kaufer and Kathleen (p.45) will only be effective when there is proper coordination of activities. In this regard, the available information from various functional groups in most cases does get routed to the major centers of making decisions. Similarly, the instance also must also be complete, accurate and also consider the time factor with it altogether. During the time of making decisions, there has to be the transmission to the respective groups found in an organization. On the same note, the messages that have the decisions should also be clear and precise in their nature. That said, the success got from each of the responses also relies on the level of preciseness of the initial message, the channel used for transmission, mode of interpretation as well as the level of understanding that the receiver has plus even the choice of transmitting the feedback. The fact has the backing of such a scenario that reinstates that indeed there are minimal risks involved in the simplification process from the case of good managers who are in turn, good communicators. However bad managers but are poor communicators. Likewise, if a person has that sincere desire with regards to clarification through his or her way of thoughts, the fact remains that they are no any other way to realize the same apart from putting in writing.

At some point, Kaufer and Kathleen (p.67) hinted that the top management may come to grips that concern with the basic information that again relates to the practical viewpoints. When carefully given proper articulation, the information may come out to be helpful to the entire organization. For instance, most business organizations require those individuals who are in good in communication. Such persons must be able to write, speak and spell well the contents of what they intend to pas once employed in the organization. On top of this, when such persons have skills in communication, then they stand a chance of listening, digesting, distilling and also ensuring that they communicate on what that is more basic or fundamental to the organization.

Markel found out that most of the present leaders are either women or men who have the mastery of the art of communication (p.28). For instance, these persons have the knowledge on how to manage some of the ideas they meet while on duty. Likewise, successful people are those persons that are ever in the continuity of seeking to know how to fix major positions so that they can effectively combine with their capability to enhance communication through factoring in the instance of the solid knowledge. The instance here is because knowledge is the basic component of the transmission of ideas.

In conclusion, for proper functionality of communication system in an organization, there is needed to consider the type of leadership in place with respect to how it handles the aspect of communication. For example, it is worthy to know how the leadership puts in place system of good communication that starts from the top progressing to the bottom. However, the instance still relies on the application of the communication process in an effective manner within the day to day operations of the organization altogether.

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