Who's Not "Protected" Under the Law? Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-27
Who's Not "Protected" Under the Law? Essay Example
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Protected class, refers to a group of persons qualifying and also gaining special protection under federal law or even policies. The laws protect these persons from discrimination based on; age, race, gender, disability, and also religious background.

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However, if a person is not a member of the protected class, it cannot be protected under federal laws or even the state anti-discrimination laws. The groups considered protected include; illegal aliens, Education levels, persons with criminal records, and even the social membership class.

Although protection of certain classes is positive, what are some of the issues that cause trouble for managers when it comes to hiring, firing, promotions, and transfers?

Managers can get into trouble into legal trouble if one intentionally discriminates employers based on sex, race, religion, or even other protected classes (Robbins et al., 2019). Moreover, when the manager discriminates against the employees, one may also face multiple lawsuits that the attorneys may find attractive and thus make it costly.

Also, the managers running small businesses do not use the right criteria for employment by finding the right persons and also developing skills to sustain the future (Robbins et al., 2019). It tends to bring the business to major losses because human resources tend to increase, and no profits and zero profits generated in the business.

Managers tend to have difficulty in monitoring business performance, which tends to provide the business with insights about how the business is performing if it is either improving. Thus, the manager will not be aware of how to keep the business going on and how to improve on the weak points; thus, there will be no profits generated and major losses increased, the manager will have to take the pitfall for the employees.

You're from Washington, and will be completing an audit of hiring practices at a franchise retail operation with 50+ employees. Which particular issues would you most likely want to review?

To ensure that the employees spend time with the previous exemplary employees so that they will be able to act according to the business values (Robbins et al., 2019). It will enable new employees to understand the financial commitment of the business and work productively to meet work obligations.

One should also ensure that the remodeling of the business to be more realistic (Robbins et al., 2019). One should also ensure total disclosure documents accurately in order to take into consideration the cost of employing adequate staff and also the cost of developing strategies to train the employees in order to reduce the workload effectively.

Explain which applications of existing laws protecting "classes" would you recommend be changed

The law protecting the classes should bases on equality for all since physical traits such as gender and race cannot change (Robbins et al., 2019). It should ensure that there is no discrimination to all persons based on either the color of the skin or even gender and legal actions be taken to persons undermining this rule., even if the person is not a member of the protected class.


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