Essay Sample with a Review on Poverty Facts and Stats

Published: 2022-03-14
Essay Sample with a Review on Poverty Facts and Stats
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Generally, poverty is a global social problem that is deeply embedded in the societal and cultural framework of community setup. From a technical perspective, poverty entails lack of access to health services, education, market, decision-making capacity and the inadequacy of communal facilities like sanitation, transportation, water, and communication. Therefore, sustained decumbent levels of revenue among community members are a symptom of poverty. Historically, slavery, colonialism, war, and conquest are the explicit causes of poverty. Dependency, ignorance, apathy, and disease are the main perpetuators of poverty in third world countries. However, it is essential as part of global intervention implementation to address both the causes and factors of poverty wounds for effective eradication.

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Concerning various statics and the existing facts, one that impacted me the most was referenced by the Poverty Facts and statistics, where infectious diseases continue to affect the innocent lives of underprivileged across the world. Globally an estimated 40 million folks are victims of HIV/AIDS; this is recognized as one of the leading killer disease among the communicable illnesses and registering 3 million deaths by 2004(Shah, 2013).Additionally, Malaria is also a life-threatening illness that is prevalent in developing countries. The African continent accounts for 90 percent of the worlds malaria fatalities with the children under five accounting for the 80 percent of the casualties globally CITATION Anu13 \l 1033 (Shah, 2013).

The Theory of Globalization

The theory of globalization cuts across both social relations flow of commodities, technology, ideas, capital, forms of culture and the capitalist markets. All this is evident through the development of a global network society. Globalization is primarily the imposition of philosophies of capital on the world's culture, economy, and polity. Ultimately globalization intends to embrace market capitalism creating an analogous planet where the strongest will be able to dominate, administrate over the inferior through surveillance, commoditization and commercialization programs. Personally, globalization has is swiftly eroding tradition and the local culture through advocacy and embracing of a global culture. Globalization is the primary cause of the accelerated capitalist economic system which has replaced primacy of individual nation states with transitional cooperation's thus deteriorating the financial system of developing countries through economic and political manipulation for selfish interests CITATION Kel02 \p 285-305 \l 1033 (Kellner, 2002, pp. 285-305).

Part 2

Ritzer's McDonaldization thesis illuminates how the present sociology and the correspondent sociological theories have been altered to match the anatomy of the famous McDonald fast food enterprise. Americanization forms the focal point of the thesis when the globalization of the economy advocated by the United States through the introduction chips and credit cards to all its people and affiliate nation is a grand plan to ensure they get full access and dominance of the world's economy. In addition Weber's theory of bureaucratization which talks of the influence of the rampant implementation of administrative conformities through creation of numerous statutes is closely related to the Ritzer's McDonaldization theory.

The Success and Prosperity of McDonalds

The success of McDonalds franchise business is linked to the consistency of the business, for example no matter the McDonalds you walk into whether in Connecticut or California you will get a similar spectacular experience. Like any other business are inevitable, but resiliency is what has kept the McDonald top in the game due to its mechanism to weather storms. The encroaching of McDonaldization to other countries has seen the pioneers getting access to new clients for their programs infrastructure thus exposure to diverse economic and political risks.

Ideally, spreading McDonaldization to other countries has significantly impacted the performance ability, economic resilience, and the overall prosperity of individual countries due to the restrictions and limitation imposed by the supporting countries (Johnson, 2013). Personally, I admire the entire framework of McDonald's franchise, the standard device offered and the quality of food depicts the control, calculability, and predictability of the business.

Some of the political implication of consuming McDonald's products involves the consumption of McDonalds products has significant political influence, the government through the public health department has enacted regulations to ensure health-related implication such as obesity and diabetes brought about by excess sugar content and high calories consumption are mitigated and eventually eradicated.

Lastly, linking my personal experience at the McDonalds with the ecological footprint and the focus on the food product and packaging, I can testify that McDonald's consumer packaging constitute renewable materials hence it is considered to be environmental friendly.


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