Provision of Sufficient Water without Conflict

Published: 2022-07-08
Provision of Sufficient Water without Conflict
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Provision of Sufficient Water without Conflict

Water availability is a major cause of conflicts both at international and local levels. This is because water is an essential commodity in our daily lives but faces unequal distribution. Conflict arises when there is not enough water in one region while another region has more than enough. Nations have gone to war due to the water problems thus amicable solution to the menace is required. Proper legislation to ensure that every household gets access to clean water needs to be adopted (Bakker & Morinville, 2013). Water scarcity has brought coarse international relations with leaders viewing the water issue as another form of war. Lack of clean water in the underdeveloped states has led to water-borne diseases and stress to economic growth as tax gets used in fighting constant cholera and typhoid outbreaks.

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Good governance can ensure that every citizen access clean water. The institutions put to lead water distribution activities face cases of corruption, thus instead of distributing water, the funds end up in individual pockets (Bakker & Morinville, 2013). For this matter, it is most prudent to ensure that those getting in the docket vetted to ascertain the level of work ethic. Water is an emotive issue since it has the same value as some of the common fuels. Besides, clear rights for water should be placed to address conflict (Bakker & Morinville, 2013). Not only should the government get the rights to ownership of water but also the community living next to water sources and the religious society. In other cases privatizing the water department seem to be an amicable solution to the resource. Private firms are hard working so as to realize profits. Therefore, it should be considered as an alternative entity manage water department in different capacities to lessen conflicts (Bakker & Morinville, 2013). Most government entities have issues since politics forms the main agenda and the public gets little attention. It the event of seeking a solution, places far from water sources should have access to treated boreholes to reduce conflicts and inequality. For boundary issues, both countries should get equal shares of the water, dangerous activities such as overfishing and pollution should be discouraged to ensure cleanliness and eco-friendly waters.

The balance between Population and Resources

The maximum capacity for the earth is still not known but going by the malnutrition and other challenges that come with overpopulation, we can conclude that the planet is already past the required limit. Therefore the earth's population should not continue indefinitely since the resources get depleted with population pressure. It can be said that humans have devised ways to reduce the effects of the population by lowering the birth rate as seen in countries such as Germany. However, the method is not universal and fertility rates in other countries continue to rise by day (Dahl, 2005). With increased population, deforestation intensifies because people want more room for settlement.

Furthermore, deforestation escalates change in climate through industrial emissions resulting to global warming. Water tables decline since more people consume the resources. Besides, resources found in water such as fish get exhausted with the high rate of fishing activities to sustain the bigger population (Dahl, 2005). Even though it is difficult to bring balance between population and resources, specific interventions such as reduction of energy intensity prove to lower the use. Energy consumption per unit can be reduced by embracing new technologies which ensure energy saving. Birth control methods can also reduce the fertility rate and ensure future balance of resources.

However, interventions through global orchestration prove to be the best. It includes giving priority to environmental solutions and economic progress but little attention given to prevention (Dahl, 2005). Another way is through emphasis on techno garden where the future technology comprises of highly managed environmentally friendly ecosystems (Dahl, 2005). It happens through constant engineering to ensure healthy environment as well as the strong economy. Also, mosaic adapting prioritizes on ecosystem improvement than economic development. With the implementation of the above factors, the world would realize considerable balance though complete equilibrium would be hard to achieve with the scarce resources.

Impact of Women to the Society

Women are very important to the society thus efforts aiming at raising their level help the society as a whole. If the society wishes to realize socioeconomic and political development then the best way to do it is through uplifting the girl child (Hall, 2013). Historically, women were given household tasks and could not be allowed to work in the same capacity as men. This case was very common in Islamic states and in Africa. Women were left to cook, take care of the children and submit to their husbands. But in the modern era, women are found holding high positions in governments, financial institutions as well as academic institutions (Hall, 2013). Besides, institutions headed by women have more prosperity compared to the ones led by men simply because women have better bargain power compared to the male counterparts.

In leadership, women are better placed since they have the necessary requirements to push economic agenda forward. Thus it is no secret that the world would be a better place to live if women were given equal opportunities as men (Klugman et al., 2014). In as much as gender inequalities have never been addressed conclusively, females have had their shares of success in different levels. For instance, Caroline Hearse took part in early discovery of comets. In matters health, Gertrude B Elion was in the forefront in ensuring that the society gets the best in terms of HIV and AID prevention, for this matter she got involved in the production of Azidothymidine which was the first drug to treat AIDS (Hall, 2013). The medicine interferes with the replication cycle thus preventing mother to child transmission at birth. Women did their best despite challenges and stereotypes in the society.

The world is yet to achieve gender balance but what women have done with the imbalance is adorable hence if the equilibrium is realized more benefits will come from women. The diplomatic ability of women is something the world need at this time when chaos has become the order of the day (Klugman et al., 2014). Therefore if the world is ready for peace, political stability, diplomacy, economic prosperity and respect for religion and democracy, females should lead the missions. This way the world would be appropriate place everyone would wish to be, the society would thrive with little violence, respect for God and more economic pacts. However, it will only take place if the world decides to adopt real gender equality.


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