Free essay sample: The American Music

Published: 2022-10-26
Free essay sample: The American Music
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America is a continent of wonders comprising varied social-cultural traditions and beliefs. American music is a mixture of music affected by the culture of immigrants from various parts of the world such as West Africa, Irish Scottish, and Central Europe. America has the biggest music market in the world. This essay discusses the cultural objects and traditions that define my ethnicity, the music I identify as American; and the elements that make Gershwin`s performance in Blues sound American.

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My Culture

The cultural objects that define my ethnicity have been greatly influenced by the European culture and the multicultural distinction nature of America. According to Schuller, (2011), the widespread transportation of traditions and cultural influence has resulted in cultural hybridization. In terms of language, the mode of communication is American English which further influences other cultural elements such as music, theatre, and forms of expression. The modern architecture of the dance halls designs is greatly influenced by foreign cultures. Schuller, (2011) notes that the majority of music genres such as country music, hip-hop, blues, jazz, rock, and soul among others are composed and performed in American English. My middle-class identity also defines my ethnicity. The musical techniques, musical instruments and use of symbolism is part of American music.

Jazz Music

The jazz music has various characteristics that identify it as 'American' music. According to Orchoski, (2015), the music is a combination of African and European music which originated in New Orleans. American musicians borrow the aspect of American social and cultural identity in terms of styles, techniques, and instruments such as trumpet, piano, and saxophone. Jazz venues are found in many urban areas such as Chicago and New Orleans. American females need liberation from male chauvinism and therefore jazz provides ample avenue for rebellion in several parameters. They are free to attend dances in nightclubs and dance halls.

Gershwin's Rhapsody Performance

Gershwin's Rhapsody performance in Blue was composed by the American composer George Gershwin. The music inter-twins elements of jazz music and classical music. The music was meant to educate the big audience on symphony and opera. Gershwin's Rhapsody performance in Blue uses piano accompanied by words full of syncopation accompanied by asymmetrical rhythms. The piece has long irregular melodies which express the sense of American personal freedom. The American culture affects harmony in the piece and introduces the use of the piano.


The old generation views American music as a moral disaster that is blamed for all social evils bedeviling society. Despite such notions, American music is popular all over the globe and the country enjoys the biggest music market in the world.


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