Why Physics - Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-02
Why Physics - Essay Sample
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Granted an opportunity to choose a subject between the three, that is, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, I wouldn't think twice about choosing Physics as my favorite one. That's precise because I have always been fascinated by how amazing things around me have been happening. From how television can convert signals into pictures, how a car can move at such high speed to why an object comes down shortly after being projected up. All these left me with a lot of questions which are yet to be answered to date. Some of these unanswered questions are what I am always out to seek answers for in my quest to satisfy my knowledge "thirst." It's quite amazing and satisfying to get to understand the idea of how an object as heavy as an airplane full of people and cargo can be able to stay afloat in the air for hours.

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I have always been so handy since I was young when it came to matters electronics. My desire to become an engineer was actually as a direct result of this. Collecting some dead batteries and putting up an amateur setting was my thing back then which over the years has evolved to become a passion. I later during high school came to find out that all the passion I had was close if not completely related to Physics. Physics has been able to quench my technological thirst to some extent albeit causing some more. As an aspiring engineer ,I have found the subject to be the most interesting and important among the three (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) since it's directly related to the career path that I want to pursue in an attempt to try and uncover most of the mysteries that spark my curiosity and are yet to be solved.

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