Pros and Cons of Patriotic Act: Free Essay Example

Published: 2022-12-08
Pros and Cons of Patriotic Act: Free Essay Example
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The controversial section about the Patriot Act is based on the act that pertains issues concerning personal privacy and government form of surveillance. The fourth amendment of the USA constitution law was created in order to protect the people. The law act to be in a position to ensure individual's houses, properties, and papers are secured. Especially against an unreasonable seizure and searches. The law will, therefore, require obtaining warrants before conducting any form of search (Edwards, 2018). To add on that, to take the warrant, the officer has to make a sworn statement procedure before legalized and professional judge. The sworn statement constitutes of the place to be searched and the person supposed to be seized because of a criminal or misconduct they are involved in. The final decision is on the judge to release the warrant if only the officer provides probable causes an individual engages in criminal activities. The act also requires the officer to report to the court on the result of the search. The essay seeks to discuss and describe the USA patriot act as well as the act pros and cons.

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The patriotic law of the US constitution is one of the most debatable law. This result in people raising if the law is actually safe and if the law has prevented an act of terrorism. The law actually it has its pro and cons which we will look at in this topic.


One of the pros of the patriot act is due to the fact that the law has actually strengthened in the united states prevent, detect and prosecute any form of terrorism financing. This is because one of the main goals of the law is to break down any administrative barrier. This law allows government officials to use crime tools and put a focus on detecting the financial accomplishment of terrorist (Tabor, 2003).

The law has added scrutiny to foreign financial institution and jurisdictions. Before patriotic law, the government did not pay close attention to a financial transaction that took place in foreign jurisdictions. This gave the terrorists an advantage due to the lack of oversight. By bringing the law the government was able to catch the terrorist and protect the people (Tabor, 2003).

The law has a pro due to the fact that the law was instituted some measures with the united states financial system which stop any act of corruption. This was due to the loophole that would allow financial institutions and banks to fund terrorism. The law was instituted to eliminate these legal loopholes which could potentially fund international terrorism (Baldwin, 2003).


The law reduced the balances and the checks on government oversight. Most amendments are put in place to proactively protect the citizens. This reduced judicial oversight as the government official is permitted to collect any lids form citizens. Hence this has resulted in law enforcement to take action without using the court permission (Baldwin, 2003).

The law as cons due to the fact that it has been used to target specific people who are not under any criminal investigation. In 2015 it was found that NSA collected phone data in bulk for any potential illegal activity. This act was deemed illegal but it never changed the fact that people information had been reviewed (Tabor, 2007).


Certainly, public opinion matters a lot when it comes to the patriot act, the rising question is whether is it necessary to take both steps to prevent the act of terrorism activities in the United States even if it will mean violating basic civil liberty (Ombres, 2015). The result show most of the public demographic disapprove the Act because it infringes a personal space and freedom of a person. The actors come along with its pro and cons which is part of any constitutional act. Most acts are approved on the fact that the pro out weights the cons and it is benefits are far much better to USA citizen under this act in situations in the cases of terrorist attack and crackdown.


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