Paper Sample for You to Check: Diversity, Communication, Old Age and Comfort

Published: 2022-09-09
Paper Sample for You to Check: Diversity, Communication, Old Age and Comfort
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Interpersonal communication is vital in the provision of health and social care services (SilveraTawil. et al., 2018). Diversity exists in every society, and it impacts the society in some ways. Diversity is evident in age difference, cultural difference, race, gender and also living conditions, or socio-economic living status. Diversity impacts comfort of nurses in the line of their duties.

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According to Foronda et al., (2018), cultural difference affects effective communication between nurses and their patients. Effective communication is essential in providing quality healthcare to patients. As a result, it is imperative for nurses to enhance interaction with their patients to improve patient satisfaction. Cultural misunderstanding affects the comfort of a nurse, and it will eventually interfere with quality service delivery. It leads to patient dissatisfaction and poor quality of medical care. Ethnic traditions and customs characterize people's attitude and beliefs. Since nurses spend the most time with the patients, it is significant too, also, cater for their comfort in their line of duty.

Joel, Pacquiao, and Navarro (2018) explain that a person's age is also essential in establishing communication impact in nursing. The number of elderly patients in the United States is continuing to increase. Age plays a vital role in the nurse-patient interaction. For instance, older patients have a low desire for involvement in making medical decisions. Older patients are likely to interact well with nurses as compared to younger patients. It enhances communication in nursing. Age moderates the relationship between the style of interaction and patient satisfaction. The factors which may affect effective communication between an older patient and a nurse include the social-cultural factors, the immediate environment and the interaction between these two factors. Nurses should develop an interest in knowing and understanding their patients individually to ensure that the communication meets the ability and needs of the patient and the nurse as well. Efficient communication is vital in nursing practice and necessitates skilled competence and engagement. To improve the challenges that come with diversity, it is essential for nurses to isolate the issues that are significant in enhancing communication.

Treatment of Old Age

As I was growing up, my community understood the need for taking care of the elderly in society. My community identified the senior citizens as the pillars of society due to the vast wisdom that they had and the valuable skills which they used for the benefit of society. In this regard, my family, culture, and community acknowledged that the elderly had a lot to contribute to society.

My society perceived any person above 75 years to belong to old age. However, according to Ortman, Velkoff, and Hogan (2014), society believed that these individuals officially began getting old at 65 years of age. Old age might be different in other societies. Different communities also celebrate and perceive old age differently. For instance, in Japan, the government has set a specific day for honoring the aged. During such days, the nation pays respect and appreciation for the elderly. India and China also honor their elderly.

In my society, younger people perceived every individual with grey hair or wrinkled skin to be old. When I compare my community with others, such as China, Japan, and India, I feel that American society does not value and honor their elderly. American society does not honor old age as many families and religions do. The government is making efforts to initiate actions of honoring and providing for the elderly. American faiths also regard old age with appreciation and dignity. Many volunteers are recruited annually to help the elderly in their homes.


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