Essay Sample - the Climactic Actions Aim at Restricting Climate Change

Published: 2023-03-26
Essay Sample - the Climactic Actions Aim at Restricting Climate Change
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Climate change has increasingly been gaining attention across the globe due to continuing changes in the environment for the last two decades. In the previous two UNEP conferences on climate change and climate action to help maintain the current damage and avoid further climate action from the world's status. When implementing various action plans and strategies elements like SDG Synergy conferences on climate change design of development goals from the world's largest innovation labs, the UNLEASH Lab programs come into more significant consideration. Due to the difference in time and results expectations, both countries took different environmental implementation processes. For example, Denmark decided to use the Climate & SDGs Synergy that is strengthened by the Convention in Paris and the 2030 Economic Sustainability (Echeverri, 2018). Similarly, Singapore took a slower process, which is a more significant constituent of the climate action as a Sustainable Development Goals program through innovations from the millennial pick to focus on finding new methods of integrating powerhouse Singaporean businesses with the ways of combating all the climate changes accompanying them.

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Both of the climactic action aims at restricting climate change to less than 20C by the end of the year 2020 (ZIESCHE, 2018). Additionally, both programs aim at scaling up the climate action plan while adopting various mitigation, which corresponds to the imperative critical of achieving both of the country's goals set by the Convection in Paris and the future climate action program for SDG (Echeverri, 2018).

The UNLEASH program and the Climate & SDGs conferences offer a secure Synergy link on the SDGs of each of the countries uniquely hence making it easier to focus on climate action and change. Additionally, both counties work carefully through the UNLEASH program which challenges millennials to device different ways of handling eight various issues affecting the Sustainable Development Goals (Tosun and Leininger, 2017). Finally, the two countries are considered to be more industrialized as they host a majority of the largest business across the world and the implementation of these policies will cause an effect across the whole world and Europe mainly.

Despite the policies of both countries having a more considerable resemblance, the implementation period and the elements implemented vary due to their political nature, which is different for both countries. For Denmark, the policies and implementation method are currently available as the Paris Agreement stipulates them, and there is a 2030 SDG target; therefore, spontaneous action is the way to go (Echeverri, 2018). But Singapore needs more time to taste their theories across different regions of the world to determine their effectiveness in climatic action. And their funded project aims at maintaining the world temperature at 0.850C which lower than that of Denmark (ZIESCHE, 2018). The political arena of Denmark thinks that the right action is to act now when the situation is controllable and the other environmental policy is governed and passed by these politicians. However, the Singapore government always receive mounting pressure from the international companies in the countries to give them time to implement various environmentally friendly energy source before enacting their laws due to the different geographic location of these companies.


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