Free Essay Sample on Century City

Published: 2019-11-04
Free Essay Sample on Century City
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According to Iwona, the metropolis is famously known for its modernity and modernization. Iwona's article aims at establishing the relationship that exists between the vanguard and the urban, century with the focus on nine cities that are based in Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. The article also aims at, discovering the artistic and intellectual movement, associated with these cities. It further aims at, seeking those characteristics of the modern metropolis that, make it the center for cultural development.

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The City as an Event

George Simmel (1902), defines the life in the city, like a stream of water that carries one away, making it difficult for one to swim. On the other hand, in order, for one to survive in such a city, one has to struggle for economic survival, and also, aim for high-profile individualism. However, due to the expansion of the twentieth century, cities have transitioned into capitals, which serve as the stopping point for international artists and intellectuals, With Paris, Vienna, Berlin, London, New York being the cities affected by the transition the capitals or in other words known as the metropolis, shared history, language or even culture, are discarded and replaced with different cultures and language.

Long before the radiating line of the aircraft's, that crises cross the atmosphere. The ancient artists had discovered ideas through travelling via hubs and cities, in such of trade routes. The routes were from Moscow to Japan and from Nicaragua to Nigeria. Perhaps, the metropolis should not be seen as the origin of modernization, but as the point of cross-pollination of different cultures and walk of life. Therefore, a citizen in the metropolis is not seen as a potential but an audience, with a body that accommodates any form of lifestyle.

The city as a subject

For centuries, time lapse films show the city with tall buildings that reflect the dawn and rise of the sun. The buildings, also illuminated the white light to its occupants at night giving a spectrum of beauty that encloses, the metropolis night life.

The urban space as laboratory

Since the nineteenth century, the artist and the intellectuals have flooded the metropolis, with art schools and academics, galleries and museums, whose sole purpose is to, nurture innovations, and promote diversity among the artistic community. These dynamics have expanded to a level of triggering revolt. By the end of the nineteenth century, the salon culture had gain popularity among many capitals as a place for informal conversation that attracted people from Berlin all the way to Rio, with further diversity taking place in the twentieth century whereby the salon prototype had given way to the multicultural and public place called the cafe.

Century city-the exhibition

Harold Rosenberg (1940), wrote that Paris was up to date known as the holy city. The blending could be made, felt and mellowed among the people. What took place in the capital Paris, demonstrate international culture and modernity, through the modern doses of Viennese psychology, African sculpture, Russian music, neo-Catholicism, Italian desperation and German technique. This makes Paris, a paradigm for century the same time it should not be regarded as the center for modernity origin.

Metaphors of progress

To rebuild a society is a powerful feeling that is shared by many societies, every society desires, to recover from the ravages of economic depression or ancient regime that was caused by the world war. The European colonies dominated with the aim of scraping off the indigenous cultural identities of their domains, and introduce their own, means of communicating modern ideas, which later replaced the cultural identities, with national identities.

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