Free Essay Example on the Project South

Published: 2019-09-16
Free Essay Example on the Project South
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The source, critical classroom book, talks about project south. In fact, there is little conservation of other matters within the book. It uses project south to remedy the indifference that was present in the society especially regarding public education. There had been many issues in the society that were hindering the process of liberation. Therefore, appropriate means had to be established to curb the indifference, especially in knowledge levels. As a result, Project South was born. This is a value led organization which centres on demonstrating and practising what we often like to talk about. It urges individuals to walk their talk. In this dimension, the project placed much focus on leadership and the process of consolidating power at the grassroots level and the role it could play in achieving liberation. The people do not have to wait for some unknown external forces to come and aid them, instead, they should use their power themselves, create social movements that could have some political implications and then work on it (Kumaravadivelu, 456). Throughout the efforts to establish project south, the individuals who came with it believed in the collective holding of leadership and continued development from both the national level and the local level. Project South also has a justice perception to it in that it insists on the elimination of oppression, exploitation on all levels from the local, national, international, and global. This exploitation should be regarded as coming from external factors, but the focus should also be placed on removing any of these vices that can be coming from within ourselves or among us.

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Project South holds these sentiments because of the core believe that it holds. As per the project, the world can only change for the better if its inhabitants, the humans continuously struggle for liberation. Through this effort, the project believes that there will come prosperous moments that will be characterised with cooperation between people within different contexts. Eventually, this will lead to the formation of interconnected communities on a global level. This will significantly help in producing, protecting, distributing, and sustaining the resources which are found on the surface of the earth. Moreover, the resources could be allocated as based on the need for them and the means of distributing. Therefore, the project was aimed at creating a societal setting with core values revolving around the power of diversity and difference. This is because cantering values on that background are likely to enable society to grow and develop to its fullest potential while exploiting all the reserve capacity within it(Kumaravadivelu, 456).

Project South was based in the South America, and it was formed as a leadership development organization with the aim of creating chances for movement building. Primarily, the project is initiated through collaboration with the community by pushing them to increase their efforts in the struggle for improved leadership. Moreover, the project provides modern economic and political education for social and personal transformation. Other techniques include the development of relationships with organizations and networking across the United States and the southern part of the globe in an effort aimed at enhancing societal understanding of their role to achieve liberation even in their perceived low countries.

Project South was incorporated in 1991 in the United States, At this point, the primary goal of the project was to meet the demand by African-Americans for accessible education. Moreover, it was going to help strengthen the relationship of the southern states to the whole nation. This is because there had been disagreements and heated debates between the south and the rest of the United States, historically, these had been the norm, and it can be supported by the 19th-century war of the south(Kumaravadivelu, 456). In adherence to its framework strategy, the organization managed to achieve significant results regarding the elimination of poverty; this is because poverty had initially been blamed on many factors and it was a great hindrance to both material, physical, and psychological developments. In eliminating poverty within the population, the organization had managed to create many groups or rather movements within the people; its movements were vital in spreading and enhancing the objectives and goals that had been set by the South project proponents. After poverty eradication and attaining the status of continuous stock economic development in people, the movements focused their efforts on the importance of education and political participation by the population in the nations political functions. Supported by project south, the movements interfiled, moving from area to area impacting people.

Project South has had to evolve regarding strategic application in many occasions; this is because of the dynamic nature of human beings that has been coupled with the changing times in the world's affairs. Some of the strategies which have been developed by project south in addressing the need for political education and participation by the public has included development if famous indigenous educators, these are primarily individuals who develop their tools for creating small communities and organisations and then educating them. Through this development, various instruments emerged, and the coverage area widened, fields like economic, public policy and sociology began having their tools with which the people could understand. The people could, therefore, know the sectors that were affecting them adversely, for instance, economic inequality and regressive policies was having the most detrimental effect on them. What is impotent to note is that through these variations and modifications, project south was improving, diversifying, and attracting more people and increased societal consideration.

The actual location of project south as an organization is in the southern United States. The projects primary area of coverage include Gorgio and the south-east regions that comprise of California. It works through groups and movements that were established previously and are still influential. The organization has evolved and currently it functions on both national and international levels. The teams consistency comprises of youths, students, social activists, cultural workers, welfare recipients, workers organizations, and community-based groups. The organizations groups consist of mostly individuals who are either within the working class population or are within the low-income group.

What is the main theory used for analysis? Are other theoretical perspectives discussed? If so, how are they evaluated? What does the theory use bring to the study?

The critical classroom book has utilized many theories in its explanation of project south. All the principles are used to help one in understanding the way the community was segmented during the time at which project south was formulated. The use of a theory depended on its relevance to the existing situations and its ability to evaluate the situation. However, during the period that is covered in the book, a theory had to be simple and enable easy understanding by both the educated and the non-educated. The book is socially responsive to the needs if the people who occupied low levels on the socioeconomic ladder, therefore, utilization of theories had to be in consideration of these. What was also crucial is that the particular theory used should be binding; it should lead to a peaceful co-existence between the ruling and top classes and the standard classes. Therefore, the theory had to avoid having any discriminating, dividing, or biased consideration towards other people. The book uses pan-Africanism as the main theory in the paper, this is an analysis technique that was developed in the early 20th century. It is primary objective to unite the African people all over the world irrespective of their geographical location, culture, or religion.

The use of this technique could be attributed to the population that had been a target by the issues covered in the book, critical classroom. This is because African Americans were considered to be the most inferior community or rather race at the time if the formation of project south. The black people had less education and understood less regarding the political system of the United States and even other areas in which they were. Part of this issues could be attributed to their background which had been mixed with a few instances of insight and high levels of illiteracy and underdevelopment. Therefore, in trying to achieve widespread effects of project south, there was a need to use a technique that would unite the target population. Moreover, the areas to the south were characterised by a high number of African Americans. Therefore, it was proper to have a theory that would unite them so as to reach them effectively.

Pan-Africanism was crucial in analysing the effects of project south. For instance, the project targeted to have widespread impact of knowledge, this is because having one individual educated and aware of the national agendas surrounded by many who do don know would have been fruitless. This is because if the democratic nature in which political activities were carried out and also the manner in which major decisions were made. On the basis of democracy, it was not about looking at it as being free and fair. However, it involved looking at it as a power in numbers. Therefore, the use of pan-Africanism to unite the African Americas was going to bring more power to them. They would not be considered marginal but will be seen as people with a voice.

There are other theories that were used in the book. However, they were just used at instances to explain certain situations. An example of such a theory is the Washington consensus theory. This was used for describing certain economic aspects, for example, the theories proponents maintained that for good economic performance to be achieved, the spending by the government has to reduce, regulations have to be minimised, there should be free flow of capital, increased property rights in people, and lastly, enhanced rate of privatisation. This theory had been established in response to the debt crisis that engulfed the United States in the 1980s.

Another theory that was used in the analysis is the Keynesianism theory, this theory was based on the modern capitalist economies and had some fundamental relationship with the Washington consensus theory. However, their meanings and explanations were varied and were based on different aspects of the economy; Keynesianism maintained the full employment is not among the natural conditions of capitalism. Moreover, the theory holds that the government needs to support the unemployed through its spending in order to keep the economy in a health condition. This method was used because of the significance it has on the need to improve the socioeconomic status of individuals within a society. Through the theory, the government will have to spend more so as to keep the economy in a health condition, therefore, it will be better to support mechanisms that try to improve the status of the individuals at the base of a socioeconomic ladder.

The use of other theories in the book has relevance in a few instances. However, Pan- Africanism remains relevant from the beginning to the end. This is because of the inferiority nature if the individuals whom project south is intended to help. Moreover, the status of most black Americans was orthotic both economically and regarding education. Persons who were poor, and without any educational knowledge were regards as being black. In the United States,...

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