Conflict Management Tactics - Essay Sample

Published: 2022-12-30
Conflict Management Tactics - Essay Sample
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Disagreements and arguments among two or more groups result in conflicts. Different cases portray out the issue of dispute in the state. Lack of respect to one's opinion may lead to quarrel among the individuals present in the state. Most of the conflicts arise when relevant procedures and follow-ups to conflict leading measures are not taken into considerations.

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For a long period of time, things were moving softly and interestingly, this was at the United States where a Native American married woman became pregnant. Her caring handsome husband had moved a mile further to search a qualified nurse who would care his wife. Agreement on the payment had been talked on earlier by the husband and nurse too. The woman had no task to undertake it's just a matter of waiting for the appropriate delivery time. Days and nights came, months passed by and at this time the move was not such stiff to both woman and nurse. Everything concerning proper care had been provided. As time moved on and on, delivering time was too nearing but no complaints that were heard.

However, the surprising thing was during the delivery time, the nurse had not availed herself at that time since she was nowhere to be found. Expectations of the husband were only pain bearing, he found her wife lying bleeding on the floor with no one to help her. In a neck-breaking speed, he immediately called the heads where that nurse was previously working. At later time nurse came but unfortunately all concerns of the mother had been solved and everything became alright. A case was held and unfortunately, disagreements arose when that nurse complained of on-time payment of her salary but she at later times never accepted the mistake and there arose conflicts in the scenario. The applicable method that nurse, nurse head and the husband could have applied was fair navigation of conflicts and also making sure that conflict personal.

Furthermore, various individuals applies is the use of personification of that conflict where there is an ineffective response to that specific disagreement. In case of no response to such a situation, fair navigation of the dispute is applied whereby both parties are expected to air their grievances according to the committed dispute. Personal response to this conflict concerning nurse, nurse heads and the husband was to rule fairly. Each individual had to accept the mistake he or she had done that is the nurse had to know that she never conducted her assigned responsibilities effectively thus delay in salary payment( Beitler, Scherer, & Zapf, 2018). Also, the husband and the nurse heads had to accept the mistake that they did not make follow-ups to know whether the nurse was conducting the assigned task in an equitable and fair manner.

The appropriate method that I individually applied was only the use of fair navigation where there were strict grievance air and no hurt talks to either of parties. This method produced very better results since the parties at last friendly agreed on each other and forgiveness too was applied since no member was perfect( Nelde, 2017). In case of a conflict today, fair judgment would be my perfect applicable method to use. The steps to apply for benefit of improving the comfort level and applicable skill to apply in future is only a matter of using conflict address to the parties, to effectively enhance the morale of employees and help in improving success thus leading to best talent retention which builds a stronger organization.


Conflict management closely relates to my effectiveness as a leader since it will help in determining the performance of any organization and help in providing the appropriate measures in an event of conflict arise. However, there will be a reduction in stress as workers related stressed will be minimized. More so leaders' conflict management will be provided where leaders will have skills of reconciling differences in their organization.


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