American History Discussion. Paper Example

Published: 2023-09-10
American History Discussion. Paper Example
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It would be appropriate to state that President J.F. Kennedy’s approach to politics made him popular. J.F. Kennedy’s short tenure and political achievements and aims to demonstrate that he wanted to change America. President J.F. Kennedy revolutionized American politics by introducing a youthful approach to the practice. Being the youngest then-president at the age of 43, he faced numerous obstacles as people lacked faith in his youthfulness. Some of the early political errors made by the Kennedy administration include the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Though it affirmed some critics’ opinions, they failed to address the numerous problems the country experienced. A few years after the end of the Second World War, America was rapidly developing. However, the country was also fighting against the spread of Soviet communism.

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The lasting impressions left by President Kennedy began in 1962 with the handling of the Missile Crisis while handling the complex Cold War. After numerous negotiations, the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was signed by countries with nuclear weapons such as the Soviet Union. Most recognized is the steady wearing down of Southern segregationists; President Kennedy worked with Civil Rights activists to develop a united country. However, the latter was addressed slowly, racial injustice remained rampant, and the government was assessing the Vietnam War.

Overall, President J.F. Kennedy died before accomplishing a lot in his tenure as president. He was able to change to dynamics of American politics by introducing a youthful aspect to the practice. Though he faced high criticism over his approaches to politics, his objectives were set to benefit all Americans. The mistakes of President Kennedy cannot be ignored; however, they do not outweigh the projects and changes.



Hi Jenna, I support your notion towards the late President Kennedy, he was a good president who entered office at a volatile time in America. The country was facing pressure from the communist Soviet Union as it made political ties with Cuba. The result was the Cuban Missile Crisis that president Kennedy and his administration were able to handle diplomatically. The president also had to address the uproar taking place in the country as the civil rights activists demanded equal rights for all races. The majority white community heavily oppressed the black community. Though many assume that his actions were limited, they fail to consider the political influence that southerners had over the federal government. President Kennedy had to fight internal as well as external resistance to the racial reform. Nevertheless, the late president died before achieving his political ambitions.


Hi Derek, I agree with your points on why president Kennedy should be viewed positively even after his death. The politician was influential in America as the country experienced a rebellious period, which was demonstrated by the numerous public disobedience protests. Nevertheless, the president was elected to reform the government by introducing youthful thinking into the political process. However, he was faced with high criticism that did not aid the numerous problems the country was facing. The Soviet Union was advancing its political influence, which resulted in the Cuban Missile Crisis that was handle by the president. Moreover, the country was facing a social revolution as racial segregation laws deteriorated. The black community demanded change and equal rights resulting in the Civil Rights Act. President Kennedy died before fully changing America as he promised in his inauguration speech.

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