Persuasive Essay Sample about Zodiac the Serial Killer

Published: 2019-10-17
Persuasive Essay Sample about Zodiac the Serial Killer
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Stier (2015) defines a serial killer as one who mercilessly takes one's life. Most of these serial killers perform these atrocious deeds as they are driven by some hidden motive. Zodiac was a serial killer who terminated people's lives. His life was characterized by vicious activities, as such most people who came across him met their death unprecedented. He did this to become famous and get worldwide cognition. This made him to step up his atrocious activities of murdering and at time mercilessly butchering people. Indeed he was a self-proclaimed killer who could not tolerate anything and to make the matter worse he sent some of the letters to the press reporting of all his activities. His intentions were evil and according to him he felt some pleasure in murdering people and this he did with total zeal and passion (Stier, 2015). This was in the view of making himself popular. This persuasive essay will look at the activities of Zodiac the terminator and try to provide some analysis on the same by critiquing his actions.

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All this unfolding story makes Zodiac to be one of the fiercest monster on the earth. Despite the fact that he is human being, he possess some qualities that makes him to deviate from the normal characteristics of normal human being. My usage of the term monster is deliberate to show the kind of person he was in treating other personality. It is further important to note that his activities encompasses robing , using brutal force to acquire what he wanted, rapping, murdering and other evil undertakings related to it. This situation is a clear justification of a creature and for that case my supposition that he is an outrageous creature is viable. Although there may be different connotation of the word monster from different scholars and dictionaries. However, according to Stier (2015) a monster is that animal that cannot use its own instinctive power to judge the right and wrong and mostly associated with evil acts. There were number of cases that were reported of him having brutally murdered the innocent souls. This therefore raises the question as what can make a person to be so vicious to a point of becoming a monster. This question cannot be directly answered due to its complexity. However, it may be divided in two phases. The first is to look at the driving factors towards the realization of such traits that is outrageous. It was found out that he performed serial killing simply because he wanted global cognition. Another different factor is that he wanted to instill or inflict fear on people in order to be revered by many for his disgusting and lethal acts. The second thing that might have made him to carry out his actions is that he wanted to amass wealth in a simple way of inflicting fear so that when he goes to steal, he carries out his activities without straining much. It is important to underscore that all this activities took pace around Northern part of California in places such as Benicia, San Francisco and Vallejo. Those areas were greatly affected and some people would fear for their safety. The situation had gone beyond control and most believed that the police were unable to arrest the matter. It was evident that the police were unable to capture him and this further heightened tension and animosity amongst people. Most of the people in the said area believed that the police feared him due to his infamous traits. The same scenario raise the second question that goes, can riches and fame affects ones personality? This question seems to be philosophical in tackling it. Nevertheless, trying to solve that puzzle needs a clear look on it and one ought to be cautious to avoid ambiguity and confusion. It is important to state that ones character at times may affected by the material factors. Since Zodiac was working towards gaining fame and wealth, he could do anything to see to it that he realizes his dream. The motivating factor for him was wealth and fame. Therefore since he was looking for fame and power, he devised his approaches that would enable him to be at the top. This was characterized by his self-interest to acquire what he needed most.


Zodiacs traits depicts him as anti-social, vicious, brutal, serial killer and murder. Therefore, I find it logical for such a person to be apprehended and taken for trial without being granted bond for safety of many and those who would testify against him in the court of law. Appropriate legal procedure has to be taken for such a person in order to curtail his activities that is aimed at terminating peoples lives. There is no clear justification for his action. Some critics believe that Zodiac was to be examined mentally to judge whether he was soberly reasoning. My position on this is that serious step ought to be taken upon him since those activities are his own making. It was explicitly clear that he knew what he was doing. This is further supported by the fact that he wanted fame and wealth. Basing our judgment on that, I strongly believe the law should not be bent to favor him. Proposing to be mentally examined are just mere excuses that cannot be substantiated.

On another perspective, I fail to fathom how one person can be so threatening to a point of committing innumerable killings without being captured before the situation worsens. I tend to believe that there might have been an aspect of laxity among the police force or may be some of them were jointly conducting the same activity. Nevertheless, it may also be that Zodiac had some powerful backing and influence from individuals who would fund him to assassinate particular individuals. From most of his killings, it explicated that he was targeting certain individuals. By the way, this another criteria to judge that he was of sound mind. All his killings were committed in a similar manner and the incision was made on a particular part of the body. A person who would have some linearity or similarity in his action implies that he fully knows what is up to. Nonetheless, as earliest mentioned, not even a single element justifies Zodiac action. The analysis s has critically looked on different perspective of his life notably we find no genuine reason for his action. It is common knowledge that when one wants to amass wealth, they ought to work smart in life. What kind of fame did zodiac want? Killing people is it a criteria for one to become fame? Stier, (2015) defines fame as an outstanding quality that someone exudes and makes him popular amongst their fans and therefore makes him to be famous. So for me he is and was not famous at his time since his cognition was only due to his at his acts. I can generally say that he was a brute, murderer and my position is that he should be imprisoned for life.

According to Stier (2015) most of the innocent people lost their lives and this means that for his evil activities he ought to be blamed for it since human beings lives is of paramount importance and taking ones lives on whichever account is a violation of human rights. He was a great schemer and therefore whenever he planned to murder someone, he would see to it that he accomplishes that. Zodiac was known to be a trickster as he could lure someone into agreeing to what he wanted and in turn commit his torturous and murderous activity.

There are innumerable cases that were recorded of him stabbing, shooting and at time scavenging on people. This makes him to be the serial killer with the worst record in history as he did a lot of things some of why are not recorded. Primarily, he was targeting particular personality due his self-interest on those individuals. The legal charges that Zodiac would have faced are murder, robbing and inflicting fear to those around his vicinity. Therefore, he was to meet some punitive measures according to the laws of the land. It should be noted that, laws has to follow its due course without favoring any party whatsoever. I find it awkward when one tries to justify an evil action.


Stier, A. (2015). Big (Bad) Data: Information as Antagonist in Zodiac and Zero Dark Thirty. Ethos Review, 2(2).

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