Essay Sample on International Social Work, Indian-based

Published: 2019-11-18
Essay Sample on International Social Work, Indian-based
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The NEO-LIBERALIZATION era has brought several changes in the national and global scenario such as declining warfare states, increase in poverty levels, increased inequity, ethnic conflicts, human rights violation, and depletion of resources. Concurrently, an increasing globalization of consciousness entails both troubling and hopeful consequences. The role of social work is to uphold the rights of people who have been rendered powerless and marginal. Social work practice is relevant when it is committed to social justice, democracy and human rights therefore international social work must not be seen as an empty concept, serving the social purpose of those forces that replicates social inequity.

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The goal of international social work is to evolve ideological commitment to seek an alternative world view, closely related to humanism, empowerment, democracy and conservation of mother earth however there concern that needs to be addressed by international social work in light of globalization. With the advent of international forces that creates disparity within a country like India, community-based practices need to be more fully realized, addressing the areas of health, nutrition, employment, literacy and governance issues.

I strongly believe that international social work can be more attentive to international migration and economic migration of immigrants as well as refugees. They attend to the land rights of indigenous people, promotes moderation in the use of natural resources fight against dehumanizing technological advances essentially international social work professionals can continue to engage in dialogue with one another to seek mutual capacity building.

Learning gains from the international exchange in India and are as follows: experiencing a different lifestyle, less defined by consumption and individualism but more frugal, less comfortable in terms of limited privacy. Learning to work and interact with groups which are culturally different. For teachers, participating in collaborative research and publication, they learn about ethical consideration as a result of cultural and social economic conditions. Sharing knowledge and skills in areas of teaching and research are finally striking a relationship with individual and organizations that have the potential to evolve into networks of solidarity and advocacy (Ranz et al, 2015).

On the other hand, i disagree with international social due to the following factors: for instance in India, incase of domestic violence, some international students find it difficult to understand why Indian women practitioners and judiciary first seek reconciliation instead of separation. The explanation can be found in the cultural specificities of the country which is emphasized on tolerance and family integration.


Ranz, R., Nuttman-Shwartz, O., & Thachil, G. (2015). International Encounters: Experiences of Visitors and Hosts in a Cross-Cultural Program. Journal Of Social Work Education, 51(2), 343-358.

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