Business Essay Sample on Social Media Services

Published: 2019-12-20
Business Essay Sample on Social Media Services
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Social media has transformed communications, allowing corporations to communicate openly and promptly with their stakeholders. This has changed rapidly in the way the open relations programs or campaigns are measured and distributed, shifting from the traditional way, the one-way production of business communications to a stretched dialogue between corporation and consumer. While business devotes substantial effort to generating and handling social media existences, most companies recognize that social media is important; however, little is acknowledged about how to use these social media to connect financial info to stockholders. Social media has transformed communications in many sectors of the economy becoming an essential part of business communications for many corporations and giving public relations consultants new choices for every feature of the company communication procedure.

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Consulting companies hire bright people fresh from college or with industry experience to help their clients solve a business problem. Mr. Jan and Mr. Geoff are management students about to complete their education (Tsitsi Chikandiwa 2013). The new consultants in addition to having business knowledge also need to know skill such as Expectation Setting, client relationship management, effective communication and selling consulting services to improve their practiced enactment and jump-start their consulting profession to achievement.

From the facts of this case, Mr. Jan and Mr. Geoff are lacking interpersonal skills to attract companies. True to the fact that many companies are facing media issues, most of these companies want the IT professionals and marketing Professionals to sort out the social media issues. Companies do not believe in the third party for their problems, and in this case, Mr. Geoff and Mr. Jan should improve their interpersonal skills to convince companies (Tsitsi Chikandiwa 2013). The two must offer a trial period for the companies to enjoy their first three services.

The suppositions that companies will figure out social media is true and I have to say it is correct. The consequences of using social media are identified by combining the detailed information on stock market outcome and financial statement data (Constantinides 2008). A brands positioning is advantageous as it is designed to develop a sustainable competition. Moreover, since these companies are correct, B2Buzz is destined to fail and is because, to get clients, they will have to improve the quality in terms of business and the training of IT professionals and marketing professionals who will attract more companies.

One of the prevalent trials that Jan and Geoff face when attempting to get B2Buzz to be fruitful include top five general of business urgencies for management conferring firms. To begin with, attracting and developing new clients is a key point and tops the list (Tsitsi Chikandiwa 2013). The struggle for new clients shapes the impending success for many companies. Secondly, dealing with a challenging modest market, this active progressively global market is heating up. Thirdly, finding and retaining good persons in a highly viable market, which means a highly modest talent setting as well. Fighting for the best has always been a business challenge. Fourthly, innovating new ideas are another distinguishable feature of the management consulting industry have to face (Constantinides, 2008). To stay competitive in the marketplace, Jan and Geoff have to generate ideas that are effective with their audience. Finally, in order to deal with with the different weights, Jan and Geoff will have to refine efficient premeditated approaches.

Stormy periods foster remarkable transformation, and this exactly the realism that organizations-consulting companies face. To stay ahead of others Jan and his colleague will have to adapt to rising market pressures and a variety of marketing techniques.


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