Law Essay Sample: Parole Release

Published: 2018-01-07
Law Essay Sample: Parole Release
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Parole Release refers to the process in which the prison administrators grant a prisoner a provisional release after accepting certain conditions before he, the victim completes the maximum period of the sentence. It is, therefore, a conditional early release of a prisoner from detention. The act almost applies globally, and the term is traced to the French term parole which means voice. The probation occurs as a process with distinct steps. This paper discusses the rationalization of the process and the situations of exclusions to the Act.

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The board needs to know who is legible for the review, which is the first step referred to as referral. The eligible prisoners get the invitation to participate as soon as the board receives one’s case. Assembling of the Review Dossier follows whereby the government produces a report on the conduct and the general information of the prisoner, which are then assembled. The individual who is to undergo the parole release get a copy of the document and may or not write to the board for any consideration. An interview is then conducted which involves discussions on the Review Dossier. A provisional release, the parole, is therefore granted, which is temporary and may continue for a longer period.

Parole is not always a guarantee hence there may be some instances of exclusions. I live in a state where the information that the report from the government conveys to the board will determine whether it is granted or not. Exclusion may occur if the review does not deem the prisoner legible. In such a situation, a detainee may continue being in detention until the period provided by the sentence elapses.

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