Reflection Assessment of my Journey, Free Essay in Religion

Published: 2019-09-03
Reflection Assessment of my Journey, Free Essay in Religion
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Ministry in Christianity refers to the spread of one's faith into others, leading by example being the great commission. In most cases, the activities carried in a ministry are vocational calling while others are not. Other studies refer to the ministry as a continuation of Christs mission as they confer it in the baptism. In this semester, we were categorized and sent by our department coordinator to a ministry site for a mission and we were assigned a supervisor. Personally, I was placed to reach many youths around the college and in the surrounding environments. This paper; discusses my experience in the ministry site in the accomplishment of my learning goals, the roles of the site supervisor, the challenges in the site, and the general experience especially in the integrative groups.

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Some of the ministries are directed to a particular activity while others are not; on the other hand, other ministries are missioned to the church members while another ones are for non-members. The bad influence to the youths is very common and if Christians fail to address it, the world will continue to be evil. In my ministry, I mostly used music and art to attract the attention of many though teachings from the Bible were as well very crucial. The objective of the music was evangelical and it had a great spiritual appeal to multiple individuals. The sentimental and emotional part of the melodies of folk music has a quick appeal to masses. Initially, I would visit people door to door and have a session of worship, Bible study, and prayers. Giving some of the stories in the Bible was very interesting in instilling faith into others. I remember an instance when I met a young second year woman in her hostel, she was going through a tough period in her life. She had lost her parents and was living with her relatives, who were not kind to her and she felt worthless and a feeling that no one cares for her. I narrated to her the story of Joseph (First Kings). His brothers, out of jealousy, sold out Joseph as a slave to foreigners but God had a purpose in His life. After interpreting the dreams that the king had, he got a promotion to be a cupbearer from a prisoner. I encouraged the young woman that God has a great purpose on her life no matter the situation she might be facing right now. She was happy and believed there was God, and since that day, she used to follow me whenever I was on a gospel mission.

My learning goal in the religious study was to get the skills necessary for reaching and winning young souls to the living way of Christ. The subsequent appearance of God on ground shall be at the homecoming of Christ, in anticipation of then we are taught not to pay attention to those who say behold here is the Christ (Mathew 24). Being a role model with leading by an example was of help in my ministry. Attending church fellowships and gatherings, no use of drugs, such as cigarette and bhang, no consumption of alcohol was a good example. Many youths have been drawn to the evils of the world by the Internet and peer influence from their age mates. Through the help of the youth representative of the region around the college, I was able to meet a group of young men and women. I got the chance to share with them my personal life experience in Christianity, how life is beautiful when one allows Jesus to live in him or her, and the benefits in it. My gospel songs made a massive attraction of attention from the youths, as it was a way to avoid monotony of too much bible sessions and study.

My supervisor played very essential roles in my ministry; he offered leadership as the primary staff person in relation to the youth ministry. He guided me through the services of training and recruiting me in the mission of door-to-door, and working on preparation of the periodic budget for my mission. He also helped me to plan and implement activities in groups according to the age of youths in form of fun, fellowship, and faith development that will lead to promotion of the community. Those activities included retreats, Bible study sessions, musical and drama presentations, and service projects. He was a part of the worship community and would attend all my weekly meetings for my guidelines and meet me regularly whenever I needed him. He kept the overall coordinator informed on the mission ongoing on the ground. He encouraged young persons and students to participate in the community faith building including, youth activities, academic opportunities, motivational talks, worships, choirs, and so on. He managed the disbursement of the funds in the budget for the students ministry within the guidelines of the budget with approval and in adherence with the policies for the acquisitions by the religious department. The supervisor kept in contact with the office of coordinator to provide an accurate and timely schedule of the youth activities. He kept the congregation and the community aware of the ongoing youth events by creating publicity of the youth activities using the appropriate means provided by the department, such as special mailing, web page, bulletin announcement, and posters.

The existence of the supervisor in my ministry taught me a lot; I was made familiar with the guidelines set by the department and got the discipline to adhere onto them. I acquired the skills and abilities to work with both adult and youths. I gained organizational skills from many activities we were planning during the ministry. I learned youth and family ministry and educational experience in the youth ministry. There were times when the roles of the supervisors were frustrating. For instance, he would assign me a load of duties without the concern that I was still handling other courses. I have also learned how to pray for others and aspects of being a leader to the way of cross. There were challenges of criticism from those who do not belief in Jesus Christ as a savior of human life. Many had read books those deceive them that there is no God and it was very difficult convincing them otherwise. On the other hand, I had some several cases of high points. Observing youths as well as adults being, attracted to my gospel music and readings were very impressive. The positive impact on youths was very interesting, seeing them change their wicked ways and building faith was a stepping-stone.

In several cases, I had meetings with groups from my colleagues and from the surrounding colleges ministries. We came up with a forum to discuss matters arising from the ministry, challenges, alternatives, and actions of solving the problems. It was a very helpful forum as long as Christian mission was a concern. There were numerous and building lessons from these integrative groups. From others experience in the spread of gospel, I learned to be patient with people and putting up with different kinds of people. I also learned to accept criticism and take it positively. I gained a lot of confidence in-group discussion and numerous ways of solving problems in the ministry. The groups discussions were significant to me in several ways. I created new friends who were later on helpful in the accomplishment of academic activities and at personal level. In the overall aspect of the ministry, I came to understand that, those who are in the ministry are faced with numerous problems. For instance, the story of Esther, the queen in The book of Esther, teaches us to stick to God in all the situations in order to get the right anointing. According to his book, Tenny argues that, in a country like the United States, the churches are not in a good shape. Unbiblical books like The God chasers, have been a great seller for very many months. If people knew the Bible well and sincerely loved the truth, they would not have been cheated by such evils. Rather than chasing the current, modern, and temporary religious experiences, we need to turn into faith finally (Jude chapter one verse three).

In conclusion, the assertion that an experience trumps point of view does not prove any experience valid though it is sadly regularly true. Religious experiences keep many people in bondage. There is nothing impressing than turning people into the ways of Christ.

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