Review the Level of Evidence. Nursing Essay Example.

Published: 2020-04-27
Review the Level of Evidence. Nursing Essay Example.
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Evidence-based practice has become a prevalent tradition in the nursing practice worldwide. The urge for the increment of its quality as well as change in health care has been the basis for reviewing health care to ensure it is safe, efficient and effective for all those who seek their services. According to this need for evidence based practice, a number of recommendations have been put forth regarding setting of the required direction by the national specialists (Espinosa, Linda M. 2014). As such, there has been a concerned reaction alarmed by nurses in beginning initiatives with the purpose of exploiting their valued responsibilities on absolute delivery of the evidence based practice. Seemingly, the hereditary challenges pertaining to the issues of maintenance as well as reformation of the old customs have apparently been catching the nursing practice for long. Otherwise due to concerted efforts in the contemporary research activities, there have been impressive reforms in the evidence-based practice. According to Khine, M. S. (2013), these included continuing exercise projects which are instigated among elderly persons who are mobile and alterations done in the surroundings of feeble ageing persons. The main goal of doing this decrease falls and imaginable injuries that are fall-induced in aged populace. Moreover, the use of gait-stabilizing devices of alfresco for old persons, predominantly during the winter season, may reduce falls as well as injuries that are fall-induced. Mediations that are multifactorial in high-risk inhabitants may as well be effective; even when the aftermath is slightly considerable, and the prominence of evidence is dumpy.

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According to Khine, M. S. (2013), these included the substitution of heparin by saline for the purpose of recurrent vascular entrance devices. Besides, it also covered the process of invoking evolving care ethics for neonates, eradication of dire protective seclusion that is usually practiced by every oncology patient. The final reform encompassed the encouragement of suitable sedation controlling in patients. This was done to avoid the air usage in the stomach by evaluating the placement of nasogastric tube and the pain strength scale of a 0-10.

The mechanisms that nurses can use to resolve the discrepancy between an identified standard and practice that may result in negative patient outcomes

To unravel the prevailing inconsistencies in the recognized practice and standards that may contribute to negative outcomes in patient, nurses should first intensify communication system between themselves and their patients. Care workers should be helped in refreshing their communication skills especially with the patients to understand how best to come to their aid. Furthermore, the nurse administrators are supposed to adopt long-term exercise projects involving mobile elderly persons together with environmental alterations in various homes of weak elderly people (Thomas, N. P., Crow, S. R., & Franklin, L. L. 2011). This is hoped to meritoriously reduce falls which result in prolonged hospitalization and costly treatment. Lastly nurses can apply alfresco gait-stabilizing devices specifically for elderly persons, for instance during the winter seasons and other times to reduce fall-induced injuries and deaths. Similarly, they will be obliged to adopt multifactorial mediations in high-risk populaces even if the perceived results may be slightly substantial, and the reputation of evidence is stubby.

How individual patient or family needs and preferences impact the implementation of the change

The implementation of these recommended changes can adversely be affected by the individual patients and or family in a number of ways. First, the nurses may find it difficult to effectively realize their intended goals of absolute change due to the variant magnitudes of injuries caused on different victims of fall. Some patients may require specialized treatment and recovery equipment which the family and the hospital may not be in position to provide at that point in time (Khine, M. S. 2013). For this reason, the nurses may be obliged to refer the patients to other hospitals for specialized medication though against their will. Besides, some patients as well as family members may prefer to have residential treatments for their patient. This will obviously cause nurse to compromise their stipulated change structure to factor in the interest of certain particular patients at the expense of others. As such the prospective change will direly be affected.


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