Retribution and Correctional System, Free Essay in Criminal Justice

Published: 2017-12-19
Retribution and Correctional System, Free Essay in Criminal Justice
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Retribution calls for improvement in many countries like the U.S due to the heightening crime levels. Citizens are horrified, especially the common man. They are in fear they might fall victims of crime and are crying to the government for their pleas to be heeded. A lot of people have suffered loss of their loved ones, damage of property, to mention but a few. I believe criminals must suffer for their shortcomings behaviors (Waldron, Quarles, McElreath, Waldron, & Milstein, 2009). Stiff penalties such as imprisonment are some of the fair punishment that ought to be implemented. It is for some of these reasons that countries like U.S should aim at establishing a complete and reliable for the purpose of improving prison routines.

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Infliction of retribution signals the criminals in hiding which is essential in reducing crime rates. Criminals are undoubtedly not fascinated with this and they might end up choosing their life. It is always tasking for them to keep hiding and at some point they will need freedom. They will only meet this by leaving their crime world or giving themselves up. In my opinion, long sentences and tough sentencing laws are not enough (Waldron, Quarles, McElreath, Waldron, & Milstein, 2009). In my opinion some crimes are way too heavy leaving very stiff penalties the only choice. Hardened criminals have a long chain of partnership hence hard sentencing laws might not work on them due to backup from their partners. Retribution ends up as the only remedy.

I view this as an important aid in disabling partnerships due to absence of able and resourceful leaders. Retribution should be advanced to make our nations better and conducive allowing citizens to freely express their freedom. Some people are subjected to fear due to threats from criminals. It is just when every citizen enjoys their space.


Waldron, R. J., Quarles, C. L., McElreath, D. H., Waldron, M. E., & Milstein, D. E. (2009). The Criminal Justice System: An Introduction, Fifth Edition. Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press.

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