Free Essay on the Negative Impact of Technology on Society

Published: 2017-11-29
Free Essay on the Negative Impact of Technology on Society
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A relationship with technology in today's society can be similar to having a fast food relationship. Both are enjoyable yet semi addictive. The way the current generation uses technology was never predicted to be this frequent. Dr. Hampton, who also did research on the topic, believes that we fear our real social lives are shrinking (Deliner). The debate between those who believe technology is essential and those who believe the opposite will never end. There are plenty of pros and cons to how technology affects society. In the final analysis, the pros outweigh the cons and the overall role technology plays is positive in today's society.

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Technological impact on society

There is a sufficient amount of technology advances and discoveries that have helped shape society into what it is today (Belcher). Technology has created more efficient ways to do everyday tasks like brew coffee, and turn on an alarm system. Cost efficiency is very important in any economy. Machines can do the work of 50 people in an hour rather than 12 hours. That contributes to production companies spending less on labor costs. Production dramatically accelerates new ideas, and the movement of people with the help of technological advances like trains, airplanes, and social media applications (Mercer). Technology advances makes the world seem smaller than what it is and makes it easier to travel.

Humans look at space as a distance separating two points called interconnection. It is related to how quickly humans can travel between two destination points (Mercer). Interconnection leads to interdependence which is when we rely on technology to complete tasks we don't want to do like driving from point a to point b (Mercer). Our traveling times have been improving and becoming exceptionally fast. Things like traveling across the country in less than a day was impossible decades ago. Convenience is also important and most gadgets that are being sold don't discriminate against age, which turns privileges like wireless internet into a necessity used by an entire family. Without simple overlooked technology advances, it would be hard to get through a normal school or work day.

Negative effects of technology on society

In today's world technology has brought humans very far, but their are some disadvantages to the level of success we have achieved. The social dependence of technology is growing and will continue to grow. The more advanced society becomes the more society as a whole depends on technology for everyday existence (Belcher). Dependency could become a distraction for younger generations to come and create a problem in school systems. As machines improve in efficiently, it creates less value to a human worker (Belcher). This could result in less human employees, and possibly higher unemployment rates. Another consequence would be a lazy population due to less manual labor jobs (Shirtzinger).

The internet has evolved over time but all hackers, predators, and viruses can't be stopped. These threats could affect children and important businesses being advertised world wide (Ramey). This creates a huge problem for the social world. The main reason our culture believes "technology is taking over" is because of the cultural embrace of mobile devices representing a massive shift in human behavior (Deliner). Normal behavior about thirty years ago between two people in the same house would be face to face and verbal. Today's behavior would consist of calling or texting that same person that's seconds away. The cons to technology advances aren't simple problems, but they can be solved by taking a break from all devices, creating efficient software, and creating more jobs.

There are five main ways technology has created a positive impact on society. Globalization is the gradual reduction of time and space that separate two social processes in two different geological locations from one another (Mercer). The United States being connected with countries like China and the Philippines is a result of globalization. These countries building a professional connection is what made the United States able to have products be created in other countries and brought back for US citizens to use. Globalization is what makes the economy work because, one country can't provide every necessity for life to its citizens. Technology advances are never going to stop because there is always room for improvement and, that naturally creates motivation for students and adults to want to learn new strategies and stay update with the world (Ramey). Without motivation, no one would be interested in learning about new technology advances, and they would only appeal to the current generation it's introduced to. Motivation is key to the success of technology.

How has technology changed society

There are world wide projects that allow multiple countries to collaborate on one specific product. For example, before the World Cup there was a world wide Adidas collaboration for a new game ball and a goal control system (Hopperton). The ball that was created with six cameras built in with, image stabilization software. The goal contained fourteen high speed cameras along with a watch for each referee for goal line confirmation. Without the technology collaborating would have been impossible and the new game equipment would have been impossible as well. Technology advances also effect the business world. It allows companies to create more jobs and it's less expensive to start new employee training. It could be cheaper by being completed online rather than face to face (Root III). Technology increases production with fewer mistakes. Computers are the perfect example of increased production. That impact technology has created on society is what makes the daily lives of US citizens possible.

Technology is important for cultural reasons because it erases language and geographical barriers that were created over time amongst all countries (Shirtzinger). As a result it creates the globalized economy that is evident today. Technology is great for consumers world wide. For example cellular companies are able to create online businesses over the internet, and actually sell products even though they're located in a different regions, instead of going shopping in stores for miscellaneous items they can just be delivered to consumers (Root III). It also increases business advertisement opportunities, and makes running a business online more organized (Root III). The use of iPads and tablets in schools increases participation among students because they are more engaged in daily lessons (Ramey). Students using technology while not being in class makes it easier to use that same technology in class (Ramey).

Using computers for school research makes it easier to access academic material and find accurate sources (Ramey). Along with being credible for research, the internet gives parents easy access to track student progression and manage courses (Ramey). It it very important to include modern technology classes in school curriculum to prepare students for tech jobs that are currently in high demand (Ramey). Technology being used in schools prepares the future leaders for what is expected of them in the real world. The importance of technology in the work place is forever evolving. Now that the business world is evolving more companies are needing more technicians who are fully educated and ready to work. The demand fortechnology based jobs like information technology, information systems, and computer analysis' is continuing to grow rapidly. Most big cooperations use advanced systems and programs for employees that require certified people to create these systems. Having a high demand creates more job opportunities for the unemployed. Technology is significantly important and necessary to run businesses and let the economy grow.

There has been an abundant amount research done on how technology affects society (Deliner). Pew Research Center's Dr. Hampton came up with the conclusion that the digital age is still evolving, constantly changing the community, and the structure of relationships but not in a negative way (Deliner). Even though there are disadvantages to technology they are problems that can be solved to let technology continue to make its positive affect. That means the overall impact technology creates is positive towards society and the future generations to come.

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