Free Essay on the Impact Golf Has Had on the World

Published: 2019-08-28
Free Essay on the Impact Golf Has Had on the World
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Many people choose golf because of its civility and camaraderie. It is not physically demanding as other sports and can, therefore, be played by just about anyone. However, this does not imply that the game is as easy as it seems. It is in fact quite challenging since it has on several occasions been compared to a Sudoku puzzle. It tricks one into attempting it because it looks so easy. It cannot be quickly solved at times and becomes impossible during certain occasions. Golf can, therefore, be compared to philosophy because it also addresses the same questions early philosophers such as Aristotle tried to answer during their time. There are a significant number of ethical, social, and metaphysical issues that arise around the game itself hence need to use the history surrounding the game to come up with rich answers to current philosophical questions. One does not, however, need to understand how the game is played to comprehend the impact it has had on our universe. This paper provides a clearer insight into the benefits this sport has brought.

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The game requires a lot of attention, focus, and practice like any other sport. It is the reason why only a few people have fully mastered it and gone ahead to maintain their professionalism. The ball is not being hurled in one direction all the time at a specific speed, and there are no opponents trying to steal it away. There are no teammates to try to make the process of winning any easier. It is simply an individual game. Every golfer has certain facets of the game that are their strong points. (Nero) Nevertheless, statistics show that the more one plays, the more one sees the mental and physical conundrums associated with the game. It is the reason behind great numbers of intelligent minds taking up the sport because it inspires a love for consuming the puzzle.

Golf courses are easy to come across these days in most cities. Most hotels have a golf course. They might not look that different from the golf courses used during the 16th century. However, the systems and excellence of the courses have improved greatly. The sport was first played in the 15th century though it was not quite the improved game it is currently since then, players used a pebble instead of a ball that they would hit around sand dunes, tracks, and rabbit runs using a rod or basic club. Soon after the game was invented, King James II banned it only for the ban to be lifted later on in 1470. The game begun to take shape immediately and for the better part of the 16th century, it turned into one of the best sports during the time. During the time, the game was hugely dominated by men and to date; it continues to be ominously male dominated at all levels. Clearly if the game of golf in GB&I, and in added male dominated markets may perhaps be made more appealing to women without leaving behind the men, the possibility of growth is vast.

There are, certainly, countless initiatives presently in motion that are solely dedicated to achieving this, and there may well be more lessons to learn here from the nations that encourage gender equality among golfers. There are several resilient markets and representations of such realization across the world. The more effortlessly accessible paths into the game, the easier it would be for individuals who would like to try out the game including kids who would like to join the mini golf game. Those who take part in mini-golf only, a Par-3 course or driving range are to be left out in the total golfer numbers tallies, as is the tradition. Once people take up this intricate and addictive game, it often consumes them for a lifetime. People dont just play golf; they watch it, they contemplate it, and, most important, they live it. (Wible 1) This policy has been encouraged to date because these three are excellent entry points into the game. The sport, therefore, can reach more numbers than those already stated in the last season.

There is a need to focus on altering the view that the game is luxurious or challenging to take part in due to complexities associated with playing the sport and supposed undesirable attitudes and hospitality that fresh players may get at the sports venues. There are noteworthy prospects for the sport to grow in markets where no reputable golf heritage exists, and this effect has slowly begun to emerge. This is principally factual for the EC economies that were either part of the Soviet Union or strongly allied to it politically, economically and socially. Therefore, with the monetary impact still to be reduced and player numbers on the rise, the sport is well positioned to grow when the performance of major economic regions improves in the years to come. Employers in the sport include equipment manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of golfing equipment. Other individuals relying on the sports prosperity include golf club administrators, service staff, golf teachers, course architects, PGA professionals, eateries, and service industries, designers and renovators, golf tourism hoteliers, and those hired at competitions and associated events.

The game is generating an extensive collection of occupation types permanent and provisional, secretarial and manual, a lot of which offer enduring bearable careers and prospects to train, both on and off the employment contract, in addition to providing motivated career paths. "The coach is the most important person in determining the quality and success of an athlete's sport experience, yet surprisingly, little research exists that identifies optimal coaching behaviors and factors that influence the effectiveness of particular behaviors. (Wilson, Hawkins, and Joyner) The R&A, for example, invests in the game by backing development ventures globally, with capital invested all over Europe along with initiating the sport in new markets within all seven continents. Similarly, Ryder Cup Europe is another generous investor in benevolent projects meant to develop the game in regions where resources might not exist and when they might be unavailable. Moreover, the charity organizations bearing the names of golfers generate substantial proceeds for their generous aims through their charity events. Locally, several distinct golf clubs across the country play host to charity events, though not entirely in aid of a yearly charity event. As regards to the economy, golf tourism has undergone a major impact in the economic depression, especially because the key golf tourism destinations, Portugal, and Spain, have had their economies hit badly.

The ultimate goal for a golfer is to achieve proper speed, accuracy, and consistency by bringing a large number of segments into action in the correct sequence. (Dillman and Lange 10) The effect of golf on the real estate economy is centered on the leading sale of assets only on golf estates. Sales have withdrawn greatly in these constricted economic times. Assets values have dropped, and prospective developers have, of late, been less likely to invest in new golf estate developments as they did years ago. The decrease is due a decline in the sum of units traded or developed and in the relative price per piece. Once again, yet, the certainty that dwellings on or next to golf courses are a striking proposition to the average domestic market is still a sound one. Such assets can, and do draw significant premiums to the neighboring non-golf based assets economy. This is an additional component of the golf economy that has an abundant potential to take off once more when the dominant economic state of affairs are brighter. In the United States, the sport has contributed greatly to the economy and is in fact much larger than that of Europe. According to the latest economic impact estimates of the sport the United States leads with 52.6 billion and Australia comes in last at 2.3 billion.

Their number of golfers in the USA also counters all other nations. Currently, there are 26.2 million golfers and 7.9 million in Europe. The comparable effect per million golfers is however very similar. According to statistical estimates, per million golfers, the USA has an impact of 2.01 billion compared to 1.91 billion in Europe. The Australian report does not account for comparisons against previous research. However, the American report does compare 2011 estimates with those of 2005, and its conclusions are much related to the trends within the European economy. The golf economy in the USA has suffered greatly due to the global economic crisis, especially in the tourism and real estate sectors. The industry has however survived the slump better than other industries and player numbers are up. When you practice, you are supposed to have some specific goal in mind, and mine that day had to do with keeping my head back behind the ball through the impact zone with my long irons so I could get a little more loft on the ball with those clubs. (Brumer 24) The determination of the economic impact Golf has had on economies such as that of Europe reveals that it has borrowed the model used formerly in the United States and Australia. This will allow like-with-like assessments to be made during related conferences. Unless indicated, all features of potential double-counting have been detached through a tactic of overlooking commercial elements instead of compromising or over-inflating the outcomes.

Though the pecuniary effect identified is robust, and dictates that the industry can have confidence, relevant authorities have stumbled on the side of restraint in making their assessments of the actual economic impact of the sport. As a consequence, the figures are minimum dependable pointers of the impact the game has had on colonies. The concrete impact on economies will be slightly higher. Other secondary revenue gains unswervingly resulting from the sport would be; the informative costs incurred in individual studies even as preparations go on for a career within the game. The continued backing of individual and entity charities have greatly motivated the research and provided a helping hand. It is worth recapping that the economic benefit of the game is but one way in which the sport has had positive impacts on society. Golf also has an affirmative impact on public health. Literature suggests that specialized golf skills and the refinement of basic and complex golf skills be addressed between the ages of six to 12 years old and 12 to 18 years old, respectively. (Sandt, Flynn, and Turner) It is a game which can be enjoyed in elderly stages in life as compared to a majority of sports that can only be played by individuals of varying gifts.

With an elderly population, and the mass media broadcasting of isolation sensed by the younger affiliates of society, and selected desertion sensed by the older group, this is likewise one of the precisely limited games which the young and not yet old groups can enjoy engaging in. Often through the foundation of golf clubs, the older participants working in correspondence with the professionals are the ones introducing golf to the younger generation and others to come. Also, to being a catalyst for collaboration amongst age groups, golf is as well one of the rare sports that involve both men and women, on an impartial basis. In Europe, for instance, many golf club competitions are exclusively open to the young, old, as well as both sexes. The game also endorses high ethics regarding behavior with a hefty dependence on self-regulation and a prospect that individuals will follow recognized codes of etiquette. This kind of institutional standing has a progressive impact on the collective behavior of partakers and is valuable to the public.

Golf remains a significant and vital generator of revenue for economies in most countries. It has endured the economic recessions to a large extent, and the number of golfers has indeed...

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