Employee Orientation Program - HRM Essay Example

Published: 2022-08-19
Employee Orientation Program - HRM Essay Example
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Over the decades, employee orientation programs have been adopted by most successful organizations. Mostly this program is meant to facilitate the orientation of employees to familiarize with the organizational setting. In most organization, the employer provides orientation programs to new employees and training for both current and existing employees. According to the employer, these programs are meant to serve different purposes. Orientation programs are intended to make employee familiar with the organization while training acts as a change agent since it equips the employees with new skills for development. In this paper, we are going to discuss change agents and various orientation programs.

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A new employee checklist is important to facilitate the orientation process. The orientation checklist should contain the following personal life content, tour to the departments, verification of licenses, complete needed paperwork, computer, and telephone overview, filling of required forms, employment eligibility verification, employment agreement, a recipe for their copies and payroll withholding. A personal information sheet will also show necessary information on emergency contact and social number (Brown, 2011). Moreover, creating awareness about organization policies, procedure and regulation make the newly recruited staff know how the organization is run. It also makes the new employee understand the benefits granted to him by the organization. This program prepares the employee to understand what is expected from him like reporting hours to work, payroll periods, rates of pay and late charges, vacation, maximum days of sick leave, employee activities and insurance cover in the organization. This program also makes the employee with the corporate culture of the organization and makes him/her aware of the promotion programs.

Besides that, in every organization, some people perform a broad versatility with the comprehensive skill set. This person is known as change agents (Lunenburg, 2010). The two types of change agents are internal and external. The internal change agents include people like a board of directors, chief executive officers and other employees within the workforce. The external change agents include investors, suppliers, even consumers and government activist. They have a joint project of working concurrently for the better change of the organization.

A well-defined orientation process takes a lot of energy, commitment and time of the human resource department but it, however, pays both the employee and the organization. It also has both short term and long term effect on the organization. Nevertheless, we can see both advantages of orientation, internal and external change agents. The internal development and external involvement must work simultaneously. Combining all this concepts will reshape the organization structure and bring immense benefit.


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