Essay Sample: Should You Get Your Child Vaccinated?

Published: 2017-12-19
Essay Sample: Should You Get Your Child Vaccinated?
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Pros and cons of vaccines

Summary: Every child by two

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Amy Pisani’s every child by two requires that each parent should enroll her children in day care if not a kindergarten program. Pisani confirms that having your child enrolled in a day care assures you of them safe from infectious diseases. (Shah.2008) The founders of the same are registered to have helped pass laws that who are Rosalynn Carter and Betty Bumpers are said to have contributed to passing laws that demand to see every state have proof of immunization for school attendance which they aimed at ensuring no children deaths due to lack of vaccines for preventable diseases. The biggest problematic condition during then was smallpox. Therefore, their laws were enacted in 1905 but get eroded over years as states started to pass other legislation that put exception from immunization due do medical reasons like allergies. Currently, continued outbreaks push them to re-enact the same laws as before. From a study, they confirmed that children not vaccinated were 35 more times likely to be contracted by communicable infections. Pisani and his colleague vow to ensure that children get free vaccination all across the continent especially in Africa. Pisani’s says that vaccines are not necessarily 100 % effective but is good for parents to ensure their kids are immunized to a higher level and are surrounded by other vaccinated children.

Its weaknesses and strength

Pisani’s article present vaccination to have no evident harm to any child it has been administered. Right from 19-century vaccination has been there and has had a positive impact on children. Infarcts, since people eroded the immunization law, they have landed in more trouble and seen more diseases crop up. This is a real evidence of how good vaccination is. The only weakness is that does not allow religious and other exceptions.

Summary: National vaccine information Center

In its writing, Barbara loe fisher gives parents freedom to choose whether to take their children to vaccination or not. He says that parents have the entire mandate to take the risk of immunization on behalf of their children. His argues that vaccines that are not medical and religious flexibility are inhumane and oppressive. Barbara says that vaccines may be fatal to some people due to genetic and environmental matters and therefore they harm some people more than others. He supports this by providing that 3 billion dollars have been paid to children believed to have been injured by a vaccine (Gust at al, 2004). In this article, Barbara says that it’s a legal right to for any parent to be free to exercise religious belief and this gives his argument support about failing to vaccine a kid on religious bases. Barbara shows that even the government does not impose very strict laws governing vaccination because this may be oppressive and though more vaccines are being established, those without consent safety should be repealed.

Strengths and weaknesses

Barbara considers human rights like freedom of conscience in their lives. He is keen on making sure people have a free society and not forced to take the risk without their will. Secondly, Barbara admits for medical and religious exceptions to a vaccine policy.


From the two authors, Pisani’s has appealed to me most. He draws straight forward examples and evidence. He uses understandable logos and ethos to present his idea. He provides a very quantifiable data on her testimony incidences.


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Shah,S. I. (2008). Importance of vaccinations for close contacts and caregivers. America family physician, 77(12), 1664-1664.

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