Free Essay Sample about Napoleon Bonaparte

Published: 2017-12-20
Free Essay Sample about Napoleon Bonaparte
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Napoleon is an inspiration owing to his quest to have a just, liberal and peaceful world. Though he had a background in the military, his life is dotted by the quest to revolutionalize the world and the legal systems of integration and enforcement of the liberal policies. The Napoleonic code is still enforced by the legal system and studies until today and the influence that he had in France, Italy and Germany are memorable to the current and possibly the future generation. The choice of Napoleon Bonaparte as the source of inspiration relates to the impact that his personal life has had on the life of Europeans. A real leader needs to have the ability to understand the issues that riddle the society and propose strategies that can be used to correct the social ills.

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Through the French Revolution, Napoleon undertook to have a just and unified nation and continent. At the time of his leadership, there was a strained relationship between the French leadership and religious groups, mainly the Catholics. Napoleon chose the diplomatic way in understanding the source of the feuds and measures that could be put in place to reconcile the differences. After the reconciliation, Napoleon fought poverty by creating a business environment that was convenient for many business people to do business. The establishment of the Banque de France is credited as having exterminated cartels that controlled commercial activities in France. Doing business in France was made cheaper.

The other reason why he is an inspiration is the goodwill that he had. He made sure that France had good relations with neighbors and allies. He was not self-centered and aimed at ensuring that many people benefited from his goodwill. An example is noted in the sale of Louisiana Territory to the United States of America despite the territory being under the French rule (Schom, 1998). The kind gesture has made France be a diplomatic darling to many and a strong ally of the United States of America. Through his representation of France and the choice of leaders that he molded, France is currently a permanent signatory to the United Nations Security Council.

Napoleon had a strong concern for meritocracy. Coming from a military background, he evaluated his merit based on the expansion of his Empire. He endeavored to make the French proud through the battles that he fronted. Though he did not succeed in all his wars, particularly the war with the Soviet Union, he is credited with having to have increased the domination of the French people in world’s geopolitics. He further affirmed that all people were equal before the law and there was no cause of divisions on the religious accounts. Tentatively, he recognized the religion played the role of integrating the society, thus, the need to reconcile the religious groups with the state.

Concisely, Bonaparte’s life is worth emulating at the principles that he upheld can be applied in one’s personal and working lives. Some of the values that are evident from the life of Bonaparte include meritocracy, property rights, religious tolerance, and equality before the law, sound financial systems and modern secular education. Though he is one person who was tasked with leading the French revolution, the success that he managed to earn was more than his expectations. His life plays out as a diplomat and economic other than a soldier tasked with an increase in the French Empire.


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