Student's Interview - Essay Example

Published: 2018-04-11
Student's Interview - Essay Example
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Write a paragraph reporting on the interview you conducted with an experienced student including your insights and reflections about the interview and how the interview changed, or did not change; your study approaches for this semester (250- 450 words)

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Michael (not his real name) has been an online strident and tutor over different periods. Howe the most important information I gleaned from the interview is that the internet is addictive and time management is very immigrant when one is online. For example, there are links, videos, stories, and cartoons that can consume one's valuable time but not make a constructive contribution to one's education. Additionally, he said that when online, one should be focused and choose one the type of material they use for the source because there are many learning materials online. The relevance, reliability as well as the validity of the information presented in those materials may be questionable as there are blog gossips that can be misconstrued to be valid. Michael also stated that he wished he had known that the internet is addictive because he has been addictive to various websites that did not add any value to his life then and now.

The interview changed my study appearances as I learned to use only coursebooks recommended by the professor and scholarly journals for to studies and not rely on blogs. Additionally, I learned the importance of self-discipline when one is online because there are no people to supervise students when they are online, and one's online presence and the paper trail can either make them or break them in future. I realized that most of the information stored on the internet and even in local computers are at risk. I learned that even thigh the internet has its limitation; it is still the most resourceful learning tool on earth due to its pervasiveness, flexibility, accessibility and resources.

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