Educational Study Methods, Free Essay Example

Published: 2017-07-12
Educational Study Methods, Free Essay Example
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The American dream is often said to be attainable. It has been stated throughout history you that if receive a good education, work hard and have determination you can achieve the American dream. However in my few short years, I have learned that some of that statement was indeed accurate. Education is in fact the first step of attempting to achieve the American dream. It sounds like an easy challenge but it`s not entirely correct. There are many barriers that take place when you decide to obtain a college education. It`s important to be mindful that college means prioritizing and using diverse modus operandi to guide you through your educational journey. As a new returning transitional student, I have learned some techniques to help me study such as goal setting, time management and organization expertise.

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Goal setting the first technique that I use to make myself study. I set a realistic and achievable goal that can met. My goals include prioritizing my college life and family life. I was cognizant that I would have to make sacrifices, once I started my educational expedition. My goal is to manage in both home and college in a style in which neither would conflict. Life itself can be very demanding but rewarding. But with setting goals and staying focus you can achieve anything you dream.

When I contemplate about the definition of organization, the first thought that comes to mind is ducks in row, in order, and formation. Organization is a character trait that has the ability to make a person feel a sense of pride. The methods that I use to stay organized include; making a planned schedule of all assignments, quizzes, test and their due dates. I have designated folders for each course, which is neatly arranged by dates of classroom instructions. I make flash cards, rewrite notes and create study sheets that are readily accessible to me during my spare time. I also email my professors and ask for guidance whenever I have questions or concerns.

Time management is one important technique for successful studying. One of my favorite mottos have always been work smarter not harder. I have learned how to manage my time because in the past I have taken a packed course of study. I am a fulltime student, single parent, and part time employee. Without discovering and exercising time management skills I would not be able to succeed. I have noticed that time is truly of the essence. I try to manage the amount of time I spend on each subject. First, I decide on which subject is more pressing, demanding, and will need more attention and time, I set a goal for how much time I will allocate for a particular subject. I start with being fully focused on that subject matter only. I set goals of thirty minutes to one hour to study on each subject and quiz myself. I eliminate all outside distraction. I start assignments on time in order to meet deadlines. I make sure that I schedule a few hours each week to attend the learning lab for extra support. I also include time for a study group.

Life experiences can shape, mold and influence our future. Goal setting, organization skills and time management are the foundational techniques that I use to aid me in being successful, in the forming great study habits. These helpful habits empower me to be triumph on my educational journey. There are many practices that can be uses to help shape individuals into effective students. Study habits are very imperative and once a person determines what works for them, they have to continue to incorporate and emphasize those habits in their daily educational walk. College is a challenge, but the reward that receive at the end of your educational excursion is irreplaceable.

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