Movie Review: Million Dollar Baby - Paper Example

Published: 2022-12-21
Movie Review: Million Dollar Baby - Paper Example
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The million dollars is a movie that narrates the story of a lady named Maggie who was a waitress but had the ambition to become the best boxer. Maggie works as a waitress, but in the evening she attends Frankie Dunn gym to train. Frankie Dunn lives lonely because her daughter was alienated from him and he had few friends to stay with him. Frankie Dunn doesn't want to train girls who aspire to be boxers, but Maggie pleaded to him that she wants to be a boxer. After Morgan Freeman talked to Frankie about Maggie ambition, he finally agrees to train Maggie to be a boxer. Maggie then became the best boxer in Europe after winning a lot of titles, but later her neck was broken by a fighter who fights dirty. Then Maggie became paralyzed and asked Frankie to kill her because she was in the worst condition. In the paper, therefore, I will narrow down into the theme of determination, loss, and regret as portrayed in the movie.

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The million dollar baby movie illustrate the excellent theme of the determination from some character. Maggie is very determined to pursue a career as a boxer despite the critics from Frankie Dunn and his family members. Frankie Dunn refuses to train her because he was afraid that he might end up getting another loss after his ex-fighter Morgan loses his eye on the 109th fight, ending his career as a boxer. But Maggie is very determined to prove him wrong, together with her family members. Frankie Dunn further tells her that she was too old to be trained as a boxer but she still never gives up. As a result of her determination, Frankie Dunn accepts to train her on her 32nd birthday. (Cornell et al., 2009)

Maggie after being trained she fought with a lot of the determination and was able to secure a lot of titles across entire Europe. This made Frankie happy with her, and as a result, they become the best friends. Also, even though Maggie lost her father a long time ago, she is determined to provide for her family. She buys a new house for her mother and sister although the mother rejects it because she was afraid that in case the welfare noticed it then they will fail to give her checks.

Consequently, Maggie is determined in whatever she says and towards her friends so much. After her neck was broken and she became paralyzed she was very determined that Frankie will do for her what she required. When her family members tell Frankie to mind his own business and let Maggie sign a legal document giving all her wealth to her mother, Maggie completely refused and told them to stay away from her. She then followed Frankie and pleads him to kill her so she cannot suffer anymore. This proves clearly that Maggie was very determined in whatever she does and whatever she needs in life. ( Toole et al., 2012)

Other characters who shows determination in a million dollar baby movie is Frankie and Scrap. Frankie is determined to reach her daughter who was alienated from him. He keeps attending church more often unlike the past hoping that he will get back his daughter. As for Scrap's he shows determination when he fights until he reaches 106th fight to the point of losing the eye.

Another theme that is portrayed in a million dollar baby movie is loss and was shown using some characters in the movie. Maggie is one of the victims who faced a lot of loss in the movie; she tells Frankie about the death of his father. She even reminds Frankie of the story of Dog that her father used to tell her while he was still alive. Maggie loved her father so much that when he died, she kept remembering his memories still; this shows the great loss she gets. Also, Maggie faced loss when her career came to an end when she became completely paralyzed. When she was fighting middleweight championship, she was knocked at the neck by fellow fighter leading her to suffer a spinal neck injury. This became a great loss to her that made her request Frankie to kill her because she feels worthless again. (In Friedman et al. 2018)

Another character who faced a lot of loss in a million dollar baby movie is Frankie Dunn. His daughter was separated from him, and he loves her so much. He is willing to do anything to make sure that he gets back his daughter. He started going to church daily hence showing that it was a great loss for him. Morgan Freeman also suffers from the great loss in the movie of million dollar baby. He lost his eye during 109th fight leading him to drop his career as a fighter, and become gym instructor in Frankie gym. His passion as a boxer was completely ruined and to show that he loves boxing. He convinced Frankie Dunn to train Maggie to become a boxer as well. All those characters portray the theme of loss in a million dollar baby movie.

Another theme that is portrayed in a million dollar movie is regret from some characters. Frankie Dunn is the character who showed a lot of regret in the movie; his first regret was not to have prevented Morgan Freeman from fighting his 109th fight. During the 109th fight is when Morgan Freeman lost his eye while fighting, this made Frankie regret why he allowed that to happen. After the regret, Frankie gave the job to Morgan Freeman as the instructor in his gym as an act of compensation to him. Also, Frankie regrets to have allowed her daughter to be separated from him. This is the reason he kept looking for the possible way he can get attached to her daughter back again. He went even ahead to attend the church to see if he can found help to get attached to her daughter again. Finally, Frankie regrets to have lost his best friend Maggie even though he was the man killing her. He knows that if at all he would have kept his promise not to have trained her then Maggie would not have become paralyzed. Maggie was the only person who Frankie believes she could give him hope because they share many things in common.

Another character who regrets the million dollar movie is Maggie; she regrets living. When Maggie became paralyzed she regret why she still lives, and her condition was worst. She bites her tongue so that she can bleed to death, but the doctors noticed it quickly and prevent the bleeding. She further continues to bite her tongue until the doctors cover her tongue completely so that she cannot reach it again. After trying all these acts, Frankie realizes he needs to fulfill the promise Maggie needs from him that is killing her. Frankie Dunn went to the room without any notice from anybody then removes her breathing tube. He went ahead and injected adrenaline on her then she dies on the sport, this shows she regret living. ( In McClelland et al., 2014)


In conclusion, the million dollar baby movie teaches people many things about life. It teaches people that they need to be determined in whatever they are doing and in what they want to do in their lives. They should not allow small obstacles to ruin their dreams just like Maggie who ensures that she succeeds despite critics she went through. Also, people should work hard to ensure their loved ones get to live a better life just like Maggie who bought a new house to her mother and sister despite the death of their father. Moreover, parents should ensure that they do what their children like so that they cannot get separated from them. In the Movie of Million dollar baby, Frankie Dunn is alienated from her daughter and despite writing many letters for her; he found them send back without reply.


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