Paper Example. Personnel Management Issues

Published: 2023-03-20
Paper Example. Personnel Management Issues
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Oxfam is a movement of people all over the world who fight for inequality to finish poverty. The organization also deals with differences that keep and make people miserable. The organization protects and saves the lives of people in times of work, crisis to rebuild and build their livelihoods and resilience that create a long-lasting solution and change (Oxfam, 2019). Oxfam also believes in the power of people that come together to create a fair world. When people join and fight inequality, then poverty can be eradicated, and this will make everyone to stay safe and enjoy their rights. The essay will elaborate more on personal management issues in Oxfam and the steps the organization took to solve the problem.

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Even though the private sector facilitates frugal charities in business worlds, a few companies such as Oxfam had challenges when it comes to leadership, training, and development and management of people (Oxfam, 2019). Based on a report released by the leadership and creativity sector of the Manchester Business School, Oxfam is an organization that takes people development serious.

The company also trains people to make the lessons a retention tool. However, struggle come in when it comes to the competition of paying salaries. HR is also a vital department that builds resilience and culture to create a difference and make an impact in the HR arena (Oxfam, 2019). Even though these are strategies the organization uses, it also faced a few challenges.

In 2018, a report released by 'The Times' in British showed that there was a sexual misconduct case in Oxfam done by the aid workers while doing their operation following the 2010 earthquake (Jones, 2018). After hearing this, the organization apologized for the mistakes and agreed that they had failed to place the right processes, culture, and steps that protect the people they serve from its volunteers and staff. The same year, the company developed a 10-point action plan to strengthen and safeguard Oxfam's practices and policies to transform their culture and rebuild their publicity.

An urgent, accountable and Comprehensive Response

After the scandal, which exposed the terrible behaviors of a few Oxfam workers, the organization knew that they had to address their failure. Even though critical mistakes happened, the organization also failed to properly investigate and prevent the sexual misconduct done by their staff. Beginning the year 2011, Oxfam started improving to safeguard its routine practices (Oxfam, 2019). The organization also came up with measures that prevented sexual misconduct and abuse from taking place and how to tackle allegations through the establishment of the Global Safeguarding Taskforce to change Oxfam.

Collective action and responsibility took place to make wide-range improvements across the confederation of the organization to eradicate changes to their culture, practice, and policies. The Ten-Pint Action Plan idea was to strengthen the organization by appointing the Independent Commission of Sexual abuse to interrogate Oxfam's culture and work from the past to the present (Oxfam, 2019).

Responding to this action plan meant that the leadership teams would decisively and promptly take action to implement the deep and real change needed to protect and safeguard people that work in the organization by creating a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to sexual abuse and exploitation (Oxfam, 2019). Procedures and policies guided the expectations and management of people.

The idea was how people would work with the organization to ensure that unacceptable behaviors disappear. As a result, people will be free to report their concerns trusting that Oxfam will listen and support them. Employees went through training to safeguard the investigation by implementing stringer practices that will maintain their culture.

An independent team called the 'Survivor Reference group' also launched a website that reached out to the community to allow them to report any incidences from the organization (Oxfam, 2019). Oxfam also ensured that it took one staff member to local Safeguarding Point' training for advice, grievances, and also to prevent and promote awareness. More than a hundred investigators joined the experienced investigators to safeguard the policies of the organization.

Since then, up to date, Oxfam came up with a new database that created more ways that allow people to report any concerns. The organization also came up with new policies to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation while safeguarding the workers. Oxfam also developed a single standard operating procedure that allowed the public to report any cases to the donors and authorities (Oxfam, 2019). In this line, they also support and advise staff by raising the awareness of preventing sexual misconduct to the public.


Oxfam gave the independent external investigators a contract to review the past cases that come up with recommendations that will improve their processes and systems due to the independent commission's final report. Questionnaires have also been sent to the NGO partners to make them understand that they need guidance on sexual misconduct. Such directions assist the organization in meeting its standards as required by the relevant authorities and donors. Oxfam also set up platforms that supported the survivors through health care, counseling, and psychosocial support.


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