Essay Example - More About Divorce in America

Published: 2023-08-21
Essay Example - More About Divorce in America
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Specific Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to educate people more about divorce in America

Central idea: I will elaborate more on the high rate of divorce, the causes, and the solution because of the family

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Attention: When people get married, they desire to stay with each other forever. Yet this usually turns out to be the opposite. Macfarlane (2012), in the article, the 'Consequence of Divorce’ shows that in America couples 15 years and above that get married, ten percent end up getting divorced and never marry again. Moreover, an additional two percent in the same age group separate but don't divorce with their partners. In short divorce and marriage portray the same experiences. Salter et al., (2011), in the journal, ‘Divorce cases’ adds that in Western cultures, many people marry before they attain 50 years old. As known, healthy marriages are the ones where the couples have good physical and mental health. Such relationships are useful to children, especially when they are growing up because they feel happy and protected from educational, social, physical and psychological health. However, America alone has more than 50 percent divorces, and this makes the rate very high.

Topic: My topic is the high rate of divorce in America. Anytime you see people in court, don't always think that criminal cases are high slightly families are breaking up at a very rapid rate

Credibility: I have grown up in a neighborhood where many families were separated. I also have a friend that lives with a single mother. Growing up in this environment and studying communication makes gives me the qualities to discuss this topic.

Preview: In this speech, there are three things I will talk about. The first one will be the problem that arises due to the high rate of divorce in America. My second point will be the reason why people divorce. The third point is solutions that can be embraced to stop divorce because of the value of the family.


My speech begins by elaborating more the high rate of divorce in America. A report released by Kulu (2011) in the article ‘Spatial variation in divorce and separation,’ states that divorce take place across America, but the most significant percentage depends on the city. For instance, in some areas, 20 per cent of marriages that took place for people above 15 years of age have divorced

The report shows that every state has a city that has citizens that divorce exceed the projected percentage

Some states have only 13.3 per cent of divorce for people aged 15 years and above, while some had over 26 per cent divorce cases.

Katz (2014), in the journal ‘Family Law in America,’ discovered that in the US, more than half of marriages end up divorcing. This shows how married couples are vulnerable, especially during challenges. Most statistics released about divorce are meaningless and unreliable when measuring the rate of divorce in America.

The whole country faces real consequences concerning marriages, but sociologists have challenges when it comes to pinning them down.

One out of two divorces in America comes from faulty assumptions and flawed data3

(Transition: Since we have talked about the high rate of divorce in America and elaborated more how some figures are not real, we will look at the reason why divorce takes place in America.

My second part will concentrate more on the causes behind the divorce. Research conducted by Flood and Genadek (2015) in the ‘Journal of Marriage and Family’ shows that couples separate because of many issues, but most of them are common. The study discovered that when couples are not committed to each other, 75% of marriages end up in divorce.

Another reason why divorce takes place is infidelity because many people that marry are young, and they are still sexually active.

The third reason why people divorce is because of domestic violence and substance abuse

According to Westland, (2011) in the article ‘Journal of Divorce & Remarriage’ added that even though financial problems contribute significantly to divorce, it could not be the main reason but the differences of spouses. Most money problems contribute to tension and stress in the relationship.

One point noted is that one spouse may be a big spender and this will bring tension when the other one discovers

The spouse that saves money may want to create a retirement plan while the spender will not save money. As a result, tension arises, and the couples will disagree.

(Transition: since we have explained how divorce takes place, now we are going to discuss the possible solutions).

My third and last part will talk about the possible solutions to divorce. According to Kay-Flowers (2019), in ‘Experiences of Separation and Divorce,’ divorce usually causes emotions such as fear, anxiety and grief. Sometimes the feeling arises and catches couples off-guard.

In such feelings, couples should be kind to each other to avoid fighting.

Couples should also be good communicators by listening to each other to avoid one party building up the pressure because of unspoken things.


  • Prepared Audience: Today my topic was divorce
  • Summary: The speech focused on the high rates of divorces, the causes and the possible solutions to this problem. I would advise couples to stay together because it affects many people. Divorce now has become a norm, and many parents are doing it even without any cause.
  • Provided Closure: Before people think of divorce, they should first find out if they can resolve the matter. If possible, they can look for a third party to try and solve their problem because divorce comes with a lot of negative results. I believe the authors have shown us how painful divorce is.


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