The Pressures Young People Have to Go Through Today

Published: 2019-11-12
The Pressures Young People Have to Go Through Today
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Unlike in the past, the life today is fast paced and advanced to the extent that people get things thrown all over their faces and it takes the time to digest everything and make sense out of all the things that happen. If our ancestors were to wake up today, they would surely go back to sleep for lack of the ability to cope with the fast paced life of today. In as much as there is the general betterment of life due to an improvement in technology, knowledge, and science the disadvantages that the pressures of today present are only destined for the worst as time continues to elapse. The greatest receivers of all these pressures are the young people. The following essay takes a look at the pressures that the young people are forced to bear in the present fast-paced life.

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The society has its expectations of the young people overlooking the expectations that the young people have formed themselves. Families where young people come from invest in their education expecting that they would emerge the best in their class and acquire a while collar job or a stable means of employment and survival. Every parent wants good for their children regardless of what the children want for themselves. Some children would like to be artist and musicians, and some parents do not consider such ventures as careers, and hence they would rather stick to the traditional office jobs that they are sure. The conflict between the two factions creates pressure, and the young people are made to go through all of it.

Expectations do not end in school even when the young people have graduated and acquired a good job there arises the expectation that they should climb swiftly up the corporate ladder and get more money and become wealthy. Forget the fact that the society does not expect that one could fail to secure a job in the competitive job market that is flooded with people having the same credentials. The society expects that whoever has an education to the highest level gets a well-paying job regardless of the fact that the contrary is true in the real world.

Young people experience pressure to adjust to the ever-changing world around them. Technology, for instance, is one fact that has become a fundamental part of life. Young people are naturally expected to be tech savvy. It would hence be unnatural for a young person to be green and unaware and this would sometimes mean changing phones from time to time even at the time when money is scarce. The same applies to fashion. Many young people have informed about fashion and dress accordingly. Fashion is a fact that keeps changing from time to time. Too many rapid changes make it difficult to keep up, and it becomes exhausting for the young people.

In conclusion, young people are normally arranged in peer groups. There is the peer pressure that comes with such arrangements. There are members of the group who are not accustomed to the group and hence have to adjust to fit in. Sometimes fitting in means taking drugs, attending parties and engaging in sexual orgies. Peers are not the only people that cause pressure, the pressure to be noticed by the opposite sex is also pressing. The life today has evolved, and the pressure it presents weighs heavily on the shoulders of the young people.

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