Essay Sample on Workplace Ethics and Values

Published: 2023-01-18
Essay Sample on Workplace Ethics and Values
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Workplace ethics and values are incredibly significant when it comes to employee motivation and the general productivity of an organization. After reviewing the video "Mastering Civility" and reading the article "The silent killer of workplace happiness, productivity, and health," one gets a clear impression that some employers may provide unbearable conditions to their employees. I must admit the fact that workplace happiness and productivity can only be a success if there is a maximum level of flexibility. In as much as employers could be irritating, workers also need to conduct themselves with a reasonable level of dignity to avoid workplace friction (Maddaus et al., 2018).

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As demonstrated in the video, Utilitarians tend not to be bothered by the strange actions of Darabont, thinking that if the behavior could be worth it if the effects would increase the profit for the team. I believe that it is sometimes advisable to weigh out the actions of employees in an organization. Personality traits could be diverse; however, it the result if profitable for the team, it is advisable to cope. Therefore, Utilitarians were perfectly right not to pay much attention to Darabont's emails. I think that Darabont presents some evident lack of moral values from his behaviors and actions. Even if things are not right, one should always try to compose themselves until it is the right time to react (Maddaus et al., 2018). However, Darabont fails to keep his thoughts under wraps and behaves according to his feelings, which goes against the code of conduct and rules of the organization. I want to agree with your leaders should be role models of their subjects. They should as well shape up various ethical, environmental issues to help employees align with what is morally ethical. Therefore, there is a need for a common approach in every organization for the sake of productivity.


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