Paper Example on Mental Health of Transgender Children

Published: 2023-01-25
Paper Example on Mental Health of Transgender Children
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The title of the article explicitly describes the article. This is because the title captures the study population (transgender children who are supported in their identities) and the key variable of interest to the study (mental health). The title of the article is "Mental Health of Transgender Children Who Are Supported in Their Identities "(Olson, Durwood, DeMeules, & McLaughlin, 2016).

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The abstract summarizes the article

It can be seen that the abstract provides a succinct summary of the article. This is because in the abstract section of the article summarizes the key features of the report. One of these features is the research problem (a novel study of mental health in socially transitioned transgender children). Secondly, the methodology of the study is outlined in the abstract. Specifically, the sample, sample size, characteristics of the sample, and data collection instruments were mentioned. Lastly, the findings of the study and the conclusions derived from these findings are explicitly explained.

The introduction makes the purpose clear

The introduction makes the purpose of the study clear as it examines the background of the study; especially previous studies related to the current study. The background of the study culminated in a critical gap in knowledge that informed the need for Olson et al.'s (2016) study and the purpose of the study.

The problem is properly introduced

The problem of the study is succinctly stated and adequately introduced. The introduction of the research problem followed an in-depth background study. The problem identified following the background of the study is that there exists a gap in knowledge in parental reports of mental health (depression and anxiety) of transgender children, who are supported in their identities.

The purpose of the study is explained

The purpose of the study was not explicitly mentioned, and no standalone section of the article on the purpose of the study exists. However, the purpose of the study can be inferred from the research problem and the knowledge gap that the authors aimed to address.

Research question(s) are clearly presented

Olson et al.'s (2016) study was not guided by research questions. That is, the authors did not state the research questions related to the research problem.

Theoretical framework informs the research

The theoretical framework informed Olson et al.'s (2016) study. This is because the authors clearly explained the concepts related to the study and their definitions and made reference to relevant scholarly literature.

A literature review is relevant, comprehensive, and includes recent research

Most of the past empirical studies that were cited are recent. Specifically, out of the 37 studies that were cited reviewed, 20 were published in the past five years preceding the publication of Olson et al.'s (2016) study. Additionally, the literature review was relevant and comprehensive, thus covered all the aspects related to the current study.

Methods section

Because the study was not guided by research questions or hypotheses, the methods section did not explain how they were tested.

The analysis is consistent with the study questions and research design

Yes. The analysis considered is consistent with the research design and addresses the purpose of the study.

Results Section

Yes. The results are presented in APA-formatted tables and statistics presented in the table appropriately explained.

The discussion explains the results in relation to the theoretical framework, research questions, and significance to nursing

Yes. In the discussion section, the authors discussed the results in a relationship with the findings of related past empirical studies and theoretical frameworks. The significance of the results in nursing was also explained.

Limitations are presented and their implications discussed

The authors failed to provide the limitations of the study. However, the implications of the findings were also not discussed.

The conclusion includes recommendations for nursing practice, future research, and policymakers

The conclusion section provides recommendations for nursing practice. However, no recommendations for policymakers and future research were given.

Level and quality of the evidence

The study can be categorized as having a Level III level of evidence since it has a well-designed control group.

Applicability to my Practice

The study is applicable because it discusses evidence-based ways of enhancing mental health in transgender children.


Olson, K. R., Durwood, L., DeMeules, M., & McLaughlin, K. A. (2016). The mental health of transgender children who are supported in their identities. Pediatrics, 137(3), e20153223.

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