Free Essay on The Internet and E-Commerce

Published: 2023-02-22
Free Essay on The Internet and E-Commerce
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The internet and e-commerce have brought a lot of benefits to the international business through easier accessibility of products by the consumers. The sellers and the buyers will not have to bother about the deliverance and receiving of products, respectively. This is because business people all over the world can easily get their products by ordering them by online means. Also, the internet and e-commerce have positively affected international business through the creation of employment to the people. As a result of the emergence of the internet and e-commerce, it has helped the people to acquire more job opportunities since the entire business entails the use of skills by certain individuals to ensure effective communication between the buyers and the sellers. Moreover, it has led to less wastage of time by the buyers because there are now able to get their products everywhere in the world through online means hence boosting trade. Apart from the issue of buyers saving time, the internet and e-commerce have also helped them in cost-saving hence enabling the buyers to use the save money in the expansion of their businesses.

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On the other part, the internet and e-commerce have negatively impacted international business in ways such as a rise in the cases of crimes and network problems in certain countries. The cases of crimes that have been witnessed due to the use of the internet alongside e-commerce include frauds. Frauds have become a major challenge to international businesses because some people purchase their products by use of master cards and credit cards. Some websites may be unsafe such that it can expose the user password hence making other people get it easily, and in that case, they can use it to perform other crimes. Furthermore, the internet and e-commerce have affected international businesses through poor networks in some countries. The poor network is another challenge to the internet and, more so, e-commerce because it leads to the delay of some products to the consumers hence their businesses.

The insurance company is one of the organizations which have benefited its consumers through the use of the internet and e-commerce as it compensates their customers. People are now able to conduct their clients when they need compensation for the products they had purchased without traveling, unlike before, where they had to get the information concerning the insurance by use of means such as newspapers and listening from the radios.

The major opportunities that have been brought about by the use of the internet and e-commerce include rapid investment among the traders since many people have preferred using it due to its accessibility, time-saving, and costs saving. Also, the internet and e-commerce offer educations to its users before conducting their business hence making them know more about the products they want to purchase.

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