Free essay example: the Brexit deal and its implications

Published: 2022-10-27
Free essay example: the Brexit deal and its implications
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The European Union was started to enhance trade between the European nations and other nations in the world as a way of improving free trade corporations and free investment into the countries that form part of the union. However, Brexit has become a heated topic a heated topic to be decided by UK and EU. The conflict that resonated with Brexit involved social care, defense, and immigration. Brexit translated to the loosening of trade ties thus the security on social responsibility, protection, investments, and immigration was affected. Before the start of Brexit heated up, many businesses which depended on the dollar and sterling pound rates expressed greater hopes that sterling pound could rise beyond the $1.40 against the dollar. Traders were also more confident with the UK which they thought could strike a deal with the EU by the end of 2018 (Smith, 2015).

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On the contrary opinion, the engagement of the UK in the EU predicted a rise in the US federal reserve by the end of 2018. Brexit portrays various challenges and strikes backs to the affected sectors of the economy. The political conflict was labeled according to shorthand in defense. Even though the UK thought that Brexit would be beneficial to the European countries, the benefit seems to have been more to the United States.

Later, Brexit was signed by UK Minister with two provisions that show that the nation supports its exit while the other provision portrays that it is still weighing options. The exit will describe that the UK will stop trading with the underworld trade organization. As communicated earlier, Brexit will affect defense and immigration since the economy in the UK will experience a downfall as many workers and immigrants will be given an ultimatum to leave the UK and quit the businesses that they are performing (UK News., 2017). UK failed to work under the WTO. Thus it did not relate to the EU trade relations anymore. Theresa May made a deal with President Trump to initiate Brexit thus the effect become intense in the UK than the way it was anticipated to be right by the relations of UK and US (Smith, 2015). According to the post-Brexit, it can be seen that the British currency's high value exited UK to be a downfall to the trade relations of EU countries. Also, there was a restriction of movement of both goods, services, and people thus leading to an internal market crisis. Trade relations broke up. Therefore, UK drafted new immigration rules that did not protect immigrants in the UK (Cardwell, 2017). Brexit leads to a disruption of European investors as many companies were forced to shut down in favor of the native companies in the UK. UK mass destinations cuts led to the loss of connection to immigrants to the UK islands (Smith, 2015).

England voted for Brexit with 53.4% as compared to wells which voted 46 6.6%. Many nations were reported to be in support of Brexit. Brexit implies that there could be economic and political challenges since the European union head formed to solve their problems that's a compound the other nations in the European region and to offer an industrial corporation for economic change through trade and other associations (UK News., 2017). Brexit implies that feature could be a problem when the UK resorted to exiting the European Union.

Brexit will lead to significant and eternity to European investors and capital market since the trading market will no longer be free for other capital investment deals. Wright 2016 outlined that the British exit from the European Union will adversely affect dollar and sterling pound since the lb has been diminishing for the last 30 years. Even though, Brexit change values and cultural cooperation, it also affects sterling pound Implying that the swiss and yen currency will also go down (Khomami, 2018). It should also be noted that when the staring pound goes down, inflation and stagflation will befall the EU and England at large. Brexit implies that British values will be influenced scenes the step will mean that other nations will be prevented from investing and traveling into the UK nation that's affecting the social integration that has been enjoyed for many years (Smith, 2015). According to the statement by the UK's office for the budget, an annual economic and fiscal outlook has been found to imply that it will have a net migration which will portray to offer a positive impact to the British economy (Khomami, 2018). However, it is somehow clear that Brexit will reduce immigration and will affect foreign currency hence the value of the sterling pound will go down drastically consequently a drastic change in the money value will affect the all processes that take place in the nation.

Brexit will result in reduced migration which will also affect the social life of the people in need. The battle for democracy with also leads into an interplay of issues that will be connected to the effects to investment deals and human rights. Mass send away of people from the UK nation we will translate to a violation of human rights since many people who travel into the UK have changed there they are citizenship that's will be forced to move out of the nation to find the way back into the air nation of birth (NicosMind, 2016). For that matter, it is clear that Brexit is an operation for human rights and values. On the other hand, restrictive migration into the United Kingdom will imply that the political leaders are impulsive to the solutions of that effect the world and the quest for migrants to find a place to settle. Restriction to migration into the United Kingdom will portray that the UK economy will be sluggish since it will miss the value of foreign money (Wright, 2016). It is evident that brevity will lead to a profound danger to the political and economic value of the United Kingdom concerning the overall ability to be involved in finding a solution to the global problems (Khomami, 2018). Since Brexit will imply that the United Kingdom is selfish and impulsive in being committed in the quest to finding solutions to problems, then the aspect of better values, constructive corporation and association of the UK with other nations will be at heck.

The submission of article 50 withdrawal notification buy Theressa May to the European union portrayed that people in occurrence with a commonwealth accepted the negotiation agreement to withdraw from the European Union. However, the exit does not sound to be a soft spot for the European Union and the United Kingdom since it will result in a backstop in most of the economic progressions and development within the United Kingdom the US, and the whole world (Smith, 2015). United Kingdom I cute that its industrial base does not require any deal or negotiation to make it better. They are division seems to be so farm but does not have in grounded theory that will support the propositions (UK News., 2017). The effect that will be incurred on free trade will imply that the United Kingdom will be affected drastically even though the nation considers itself to be at a better state that does not require any negotiation for better deals. Even though the imposition of tariffs has not yet been guaranteed, Brexit will result in a slow developmental process within the United Kingdom and the nations that have invested in the country since the aspect will prevent free trade and free will to spend.

In conclusion, has been found out that Brexit will affect the British currency comma will lead to a downfall to trade relations and will transform the free movement of people including slaves into the nation that's implying that the British political system is impulsive to the problems affecting the world. Brexit will also change trade relations since Theresa May said that the nation would have to draft tariffs that will prevent immigration into the United Kingdom. For that matter, many countries will be affected by the fact that various economic developments and investments have been laid into the United Kingdom. Most of the workforce in the United Kingdom come from other nations that the nation will be affected since it will lack enough human resources to ensure the country progresses well in its economic progression. It is clear that Brexit will change the British nation since it will set a way whereby the government will be set back its value practices and tradition.

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