Why People Choose Water Over Diet Soda - Paper Sample

Published: 2024-01-30
Why People Choose Water Over Diet Soda - Paper Sample
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According to research, diet soda, and other carbonated soft drinks damage teeth when taken in regular or large amounts. As Operative Dentistry statistics outline, taking diet soda puts the tooth enamel over time. The victims who are affected by diet soda have worn-out a tooth that frequently develops into cavities. Cavities decrease discomfort when taking meals and make the patient uncomfortable when communicating with other people and brushing teeth. Additionally, diet soda also impacts the bone density of the victims (Mandi, 2020). However, bone density effects are seen more in females rather than males. This is attributed to the fact that diet soda has more phosphoric acid as compared to other beverages. This component affects the quality of hip bones in females which may cause multiple challenges in parenthood. Therefore, to avoid the associated difficulties, it is essential to consider taking more water to hydrate the body cells. Additionally, water is neutral and protects the teeth against any form of damage besides various hydrating bones in the body.

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Additionally, diet soda has no health benefits for the participants. Even though the beverage has approximately 140 calories per ounce, diet soda has no health-redeeming qualities. According to the nutrition journal, most people are encouraged to take water and exercise a lot to build a healthy body. However, this is not the case with diet soda. As Bonnie, the author of It Before You Eat It, diet soda is slowly replacing the usual water, which deteriorates many people's health over time (McMillen, 2017). Even though water is not sweet and lacks flavoring, coloring, and sodium, the health benefits that a person gets from taking water are immeasurable.

Furthermore, sweet begets sweet. Continued diet soda intake impacts many people's health because the sugar content in the beverage is estimated to be double the artificial sweetness in other drinks. Therefore, once a person consumes the first bit of diet soda, they are attracted to consuming more of the product. This increased diet soda consumption impacts the victim's health, who ends up taking too many unhealthy diets. For this reason, it is therefore essential to replace diet soda with water, which is not harmful and balances the fluids in the body.

The other factor why water is preferred to diet soda is the gut challenges associated with the continued intake of carbonated beverages. According to the journal Molecules' research, adding sweetness to one's diet impacts the number of good bacteria in one's diet. While artificial sweetness increases the number of unusual bacteria in the stomach, on the one hand, it alters or eliminates useful bacteria in the gut (Hoover, 2018). As Whittel illustrates, beneficial bacteria are essential not only for digestive purposes but also for other health benefits. For instance, the microbiome helps improve brain health, immune system, weight control, and digestive track metabolism. When essential bacteria are eliminated from the gut, other body organs begin to malfunction, affecting general body health. For these reasons, people are advised to take more water and less diet soda to balance the gut bacteria. Additionally, water improves the metabolism process, thus eliminating the challenges of low metabolism.

Diet soda is also associated with increased chances of depression. According to a survey done in 2013, most diet soda consumers have a 30% more chance of getting depression. Furthermore, the National Institute of Health also depicts that most diet soda consumers have low control of depression. The risks associated with controlling depression are 22% higher in diet soda consumers. To avoid these factors, diet soda should be replaced with water which increases body hydration and the presence of essential bacteria that improve brain health (Kubala, 2020). Lastly, a heavy intake of diet soda results in headaches. Most of these beverages have aspartame as an additive factor that is sweeter than regular sugar. According to a survey conducted in 2018, most diet sodas have Ace-K, which is 200 times syrupier than the regular refined fructose. These components result in headaches, and in case they are consumed for a long time, they can result in premature demise.


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