Law School Entrance Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-03
Law School Entrance Essay Sample
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The study of law is probably the most prestigious achievement that one can acquire in their lives. In other words becoming a student in a law school is a tremendous and significantly responsible accomplishment for high school graduates. In as much as it is prudent choosing to become a law student, it is characterized with numerous challenges. The course which enables one to practice law later in life has numerous requirements for those intending to join it. This is attributed to the premium linked with the probability of getting employed after school. Apparently, a law student has a higher likelihood of getting employment, either in private or public organizations. Given the current unemployment statistics, therefore, the decision to become a law school student appears to be the surest way of leading a comfortable life.

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As mentioned above, gaining entry into a law school requires one to fulfill numerous requirements. The law school entrance essay is one such requirement. Most high school graduates will experience challenges writing a law school entrance essay. One of the major impediment in the process is the fact that most applicants have not written a similar essay before, hence the lack of confidence on what to include. In addition to that, the fact that it is a make or break process of a career makes it more challenging for most individuals. Further, the law school entrance essays are used by the stakeholders to gauge the applicants' writing capabilities and their ability to express themselves. Most students are conversant with self-expression, however, the ability to produce perfect written work is still a major challenge. The challenge is amplified by the fact that the whole exercise is a competition with those who produce the best essays being considered while those with poorly written essays being turned away. Such realities increase the tension associated with the whole process. In other words, the fear of making mistakes at such crucial moments can be taunting. Consequently seeking professional writers who understand their needs and requirements is the most viable option. In essence, the professional writers are not exposed to the psychological tension experienced by the applicants hence the likelihood that they will come up with a well-written essay which will guarantee entry into the law school. The professional writers are also equipped with in-depth knowledge pertaining to the writing of such essays, therefore, they are likely to heighten the chances of producing quality essays which will ensure admission. These services, however, come at a cost since the applicant will have to pay the writers. Besides that, there is a probability that the information captured may not be truthful. Ostensibly law school admission essays are typically personal statements which explain the applicant's experience and their aspirations. Therefore if the law school entrance essay is written by another individual the personal experiences may not be captured. The admission committee is also likely to make wrong conclusions regarding the applicant when they base their judgments on the falsified information. The falsified personal information may result to lack of admission as it goes against moral codes of conduct of most institutions. However, for those applicants who might want to consider writing their own essays, they have to consider the basic requirements for writing essays. The requirements include the use of formal language, paying attention to the first paragraph and proofreading of the whole document after writing. Paying attention to the first paragraph will heighten the applicant's success. Reviewers apparently may not have enough time to go through entire essays, therefore, having a captivating essay will attract their attention. Apart from that, it is likely that the members of the reviewing panel will experience fatigue after reading many application essays. Developing a strong impressing on the first paragraph, therefore, is the best way of ensuring that the essay will be read. In addition to that, "being yourself" is essential in the process. Ostensibly, telling the truth will increase once chances of being selected.

Not all students who apply to join law schools have the financial capability to pay their fees. This condition is compounded by the fact that there has been a steep rise in law school tuition costs. Resultantly a fraction of the law school applicants will consider the option of seeking scholarships. Those seeking to be considered for the scholarships are however subjected to significant levels of screening aimed at ensuring that those awarded are the most deserving. One of the basic requirements is the law school scholarship essay. The applicants have to write the essay in order to be considered for the scholarships. Several factors, however, impeded the effective writing of the law school scholarship essay the major one being the lack of experience. Apparently, the applicants may little experience due to the lack of exposure. In addition, the applicants are alive to the fact that the essays will be subjected to immense scrutiny. These perceptions will significantly pressurize the applicants hence making them unable to come up with an appropriate law school scholarship essay. The fact that most of the scholarships attract numerous applications implies that the committee in charge of the funds will be seeking for the best-written essay. Therefore it is imperative for the applicants to come up with the most persuasive essays in order to be considered for the scholarship. Persuasive essays, in this case, are those characterized with genuine personal statements. Ostensibly it is important that the applicant includes detailed information about their past. Having experienced a difficult past in most case may be considered as a ground for the award of a scholarship. The fact that the applicant was able to successfully address past challenges shows that they are resilient and as such are considered in for scholarships in most instances. Besides challenges, the applicant can consider mentioning their achievements. Participation in athletics is an example of notable achievements which can make one be considered for scholarship awards. The fact that one can be successful academics as well as other activities is a clear indicator that the individuals are talented. Most institutions are interested in attracting talented individuals as they will take part in activities which will improve its reputation. Therefore athletes have a higher likelihood of being considered for scholarship awards as compared to other students. Apart from describing ones past, the applicant can highlight his or her aspirations and goals. Description of goals and aspirations will help the reviewing committee to determine how one is focused in life and how the award of the scholarship will help them in the achievement of that dream. Accordingly, the essay which provides a clear description of the aspirations and goals will be considered for the award. Similar to other types of essays, a law school scholarship essay should be written in a formal language. This will ensure that the applicants communicate effectively with the reviewers. Further, the applicant should consider providing truthful information. Statistics have revealed that most applicants are likely to falsify information as a means of increasing their chances. However, one should not take this route as the reviewers are likely to carry out background checks of all the applicants. If one is found to have falsified information, the reviewers are likely to reject the application. It is also unethical as it locks out the most deserving applicants from accessing the funds.

Law school graduates play a significant role in the society that of ensuring the rights and privileges of their clients are maintained. It, therefore, follows that the law schools subject the students to numerous evaluations before their recruitment into the course. The use of Law school essays is one of the common ways used to evaluate the applicant's personality. An essay is defined as a brief piece of writing on a certain topic. In this case, law school essays are brief pieces of writing on certain law topics. The writing of the law school essays is based on the assumption that each applicant has unique perspectives in life. In other words, each applicant has unique characteristics beyond the scores and grades. The essays, therefore, act as personal statements through which the applicant communicates with the committee. Similar to other forms of application essays, the law school essay enables the applicant to not only express themselves but also demonstrate their ability to write formal documents. As indicated above, the essay is a personal statement, therefore there applicant should include all details that he or she considers necessary during the process. For instance, information pertaining to personal challenges and obstacles in life should be included in the essay. Apparently, such information will make the committee aware of the challenging life the applicant has gone through hence considering the measures which will be put in place to ensure their comfort. Further individuals who have gone through numerous challenges may be considered tough and worthy of being awarded a chance at a law school. Therefore one should consider providing a brief description of their experiences. The applicant should also consider explaining why the experience has added value in their lives. This explanation will show the committee the level of creativity and maturity of the individuals. Apparently, not all individuals can gauge their lives to identify the impact of the various experiences. Therefore the ability to include such factors in the law school essay will be an added advantage to the applicant. Apart from that, a law school essay should provide reasons why the applicant considers himself or herself qualified enough to be admitted. In other words, the committee will be looking for factors in the personal statement which will make the candidate stand out from the crowd. The description of the personal experiences should, however, be delivered in a vivid a descriptive manner. The applicant should avoid the temptation to write flat and boring essays. The other factors to avoid in the writing of such essay is mentioning irrelevant information such having studies abroad. Most applicants believe that including details of their study abroad will give them an advantage over other players. This is, however, a fallacy since in most instances what matters is the experience rather than the place where one studied. It is also unnecessary to provide details regarding how one was involved in solving a crime. It is the assumption of most applicants that since the law schools teach on the handling of crime they will likely be looking for experience on the same. However, this is not the case as most law schools are after the basic experience and how one was involved in the solving of challenges.

Law school admission essays have the power of making or destroying one's career aspirations. Apparently as indicated above they are analyzed by the admission committees and as such, they form a basis for determining the most qualified applicants. Including a strong personal statement in the essay, therefore, is the surest way of increasing admission chances. Law school admission essays occupy a strategic role in law school admissions. Seemingly, most individuals meet the grade requirements required for admission. It is however impossible for the schools to admit all applicants based on their qualifications as attributed to the limited facilities within the institutions. Law school admission essays, therefore, become the most viable way of picking the most qualified individuals among the...

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