Free Essay on Gang Violence

Published: 2018-03-08
Free Essay on Gang Violence
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The number of inmates who belongs to certain gangs inside the prisons has increased significantly over the past years. If am incarcerated in penal, many factors will come into play to determine whether I will join a gang or not. One, If the penitentiary is overcrowded, there is a high probability that I will accede to a given gang. This is because the prison environment has become survival of the fittest since it is characterized by unending fights which emerge as a result of small arguments or provocations. The new prisoners are seen as new meats that might be subjected to regular beating, rape, and other forms of harassment that place in this environment. To avoid this, I will have to join a gang to get protection as well as having an opportunity to get strength due to the bond found within a group. Moreover, most of the crowded prisons tend to experience a shortage of crucial resources making it hard for prisoners who are not in a gang to access them. If resources such as food are inadequate, some inmates may miss their meals because the dominant gangs have to take enough food for their members and in the process, individuals who are not in a gang may lose their share. If there are adequate resources for everyone, I might fail to join any of those gangs.

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Lastly, lack of enough staffs to control these gangs may be another factor that might force me to participate in a band. The staff should be well trained and skilled to be able to monitor all the activities that the bands execute while in behind bars. If there is a shortage of competent staffs, one has to seek protection from the gang to avoid the daily harassment. Furthermore, a dominant gang might enable one to thrive by selling illicit substances such as drugs. If any case, I try executing such activities by myself, I might face death threats or death itself as a result of luring the clients of my competitors.

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