Essay Sample Describing Snapchat IT Work with CNN

Published: 2022-07-06
Essay Sample Describing Snapchat IT Work with CNN
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The business model of CNN involves making money from advertisements and premium subscriptions. The users of CNN make money from advertisements made on the television. Corporates pay this cable company to air their advertisement commercial. Secondly, the audience get money from CNN for every home they are piped into. Irrespective of whether the audience do not watch CNN, cable companies like Warner Cable still pay amount per subscriber. The annual subscription for CNN id $7 to $8 per subscriber.

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The mechanism of Snapchat program information technology work at the CNN Company is straightforward. Snapchat is hosted by Google App Engine (GAE). The programming language for the application are python. The app is stored under a cloud using technologies such as Route 53 and CloudFront. Snap! is implemented in JavaScript through HTML. The application contains many features such as User Interface, Add Me View, Discover View, Chat View, Snaps View, Friend Profile, Stories View, Dashboard View, Playing Snap Authentication View, Widgets (Utz et al., 2015)

Conducting an effective business campaign in Snapchat involves five steps. Firstly, the business should choose the objective of the campaign. The objective can be drive traffic or video views or create awareness. Secondly, the businesses should set budget, audience and schedule of the ad set. Thirdly, CNN should choose an ad type and upload a creative. The advertising commercial is then uploaded on the app using CNN. Fourthly, CNN should run the campaign. Lastly, the CNN should monitor, optimize and report the advertising commercial.

The distribution of the information content of Snapchat is simply understandable thereby attracting prospective users who might not understand information technology. The frequently asked questions (FAQs) section makes it possible for individuals and businesses to sign up. CNN has been a partner with CNN in conducting business with Snapchat.

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging application utilized worldwide, developed by Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel, and Reggie Brown, and developed by Snapchat Inc, which is present known as Snap Inc. Snapchat application permits users to end videos and photos that vanish within a couple of seconds. The app contains editing tools that can be utilized to overlap special effects or to swap faces on pictures. Snapchat audience have the choice to save specified snaps on a private storage area with 'Memories' feature. Moreover, the audience can add up snaps many Augment Reality (AR) objects and web links. Snapchat permits audience to see locations on a map in which other audience made their snaps due to the Crowd Surf feature snapchatters can see video short from distinct vantage instances.

Information communication technology plays a critical role in the business model of Snapchat. Mobile technologies sharpen the structure of the business model in terms of profits and value chain (Mendelson, 2015). Snapchat business model involves selling ads to businesses, the sale of spectacle glasses and partnership with media firms. The Snapchat's ads involve the form of branded geofilters, custom filters and lenses and ads on Snapchat Discover and Live stories. Snapchat takes 30% of the advertising revenue if the media firm sold the ad space or 50% in case the messaging app sold it. Snapchat has continued to conduct business with media companies such as Cable News Network (CNN), which is an American basic satellite television news channel and a subsidiary of AT&T's WarnerMedia.


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