Essay Sample: Understanding Personality Type and Its Relevance to Career Choice

Published: 2023-02-28
Essay Sample: Understanding Personality Type and Its Relevance to Career Choice
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The personality test results indicate that I am 76% introverted and 24% extroverted. This is true because I am normally comfortable having my personal space and enjoying my privacy most of the times. As much as I like to stay around people and get to talk about current issues affecting the country, I am more comfortable staying alone most of the times. As much as I love to have deep and serious conversations with people, I often find it difficult to strike a conversation with people I do not know completely; I would rather wait for the other person to start the conversation then I join. The other trait is intuitiveness, which scores 52% while being observant scores 48% (Kumar et al., 2019). As much as I always depend on observation to make a judgment of an occurrence or event, my instincts normally play a role in determining my actions. I would rather use my instincts to decide if something is right than wait to make an observation (Tuber, 2014). I normally believe that what I feel to be right is most likely the right thing to do.

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Closer to this trait is that of feeling, which scores 57% against thinking that scores 43%. In this regard, I normally make a judgment of situations based on what is feel is right more than thinking much about it (Johns, 2012). My approach to decision-making is also based more on judging more than prospecting, and this is the reason the score for judging is 56% compared to that of prospecting, which is 44% (Emre, 2018). The aspect of my personality concerns my identity and indicates that I am 82% turbulent and 18% assertive. The results are true because I am normally not assertive when making my decisions. My decisions normally depend on what others think, which makes me weigh options and finally make a decision.

Nothing surprised me about my personality type because the results simply depicted my trait and personality. The results were an exact depiction of how I handle myself and make decisions. However, what I learnt about myself is that I am not normally assertive while making decisions or while having conversations with other people. I have a feeling that I should try improving this trait because it is not a desirable one for me (Mumford et al., 2013). I have always wished to be assertive and opinionated since this is the only way I can stand out from the rest while delivering my points to others (Emre, 2018). Since my chosen career is to become a nurse after school, my career fits with this career pathway because a nurse only needs to be keen, observant, quiet, and attentive. My trait of being introverted fits with the career because the hospital setup does not involve large crowds of loud people but rather patients who need close care.

One personality that I would need to improve on to fully fit in this career is the aspect of intuitivism. This is because a nurse is expected to be more observant that being intuitive when attending to patients. Using one's instincts to diagnose patients may prove dangerous since they have to be observed closely (Emre, 2018). I also need to improve on my idea of using emotions rather than thinking while making decisions. Employing the use of feelings rather than thinking may not work best for this career pathway.


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